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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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Bergstrom Technical Center


t was a joyous gathering! Many

who provided support for

instructional programs and in-

vested in LRSC’s technical educa-

tion center project joined us April

27 to formally unveil the lovely

display of engraved recognition

tiles in the front entry of the new

Bergstrom Technical Center. The

tiles recognized gifts of $2,000 and

larger. All gifts for this important

initiative were matched by the

North Dakota Higher Educa-

tion Challenge. The funds will

strengthen instructional program-

ming all across campus and en-

able the college to upgrade older

sections of the tech center com-

plex which were not included in

the original, legislatively funded

capital project.

During the program, Anne-

Marit (Mrs. Bill) Bergstrom and

Renard and Candace Bergstrom

were honored for their anchor

gift. The Bergstrom family has

been involved with LRSC for

generations. Their participation

in governance, growth, or arts/

music and general education has

impacted the college in many

positive ways. When the need for

an anchor gift to drive the proj-

ect arose, the Bergstrom family

stepped forward. This gift in-

spired others and helped us reach

the goal of $2 million required to

capture the available $1 million

match. This transformational gift

was recognized with the privilege

of naming the building.

“My dad was a huge fan and

supporter of the college when it first


Renard said.

Indeed, Bergstrom family

involvement with LRSC has been

in place since the beginning when

Bill Bergstrom served on the col-

lege’s first board of trustees.

“This college has such an impact

on this community,”

Renard contin-


“When we were working on this

project, we counted up the people at

work who have had a course or more

or a degree from the college, and it’s

more than 60 percent of our team!

Everyone in our family has taken

courses here. When I was in high

school, I took college calculus from

Irv Thompson and English from As-

trid Anderson. When I went away to

college, my roommate at basic train-

ing was from Georgia and had taken a

year from Georgia Tech. The U.S. Air

Force Academy accepted credits from

LRSC, but it did not accept them

from Georgia Tech,”

he added.

The Bergstrom Technical Cen-

ter opened for classes fall 2014,

four months before the close of

the first Challenge Match cam-

paign. During this remarkable,

18-month campaign, more than

500 alumni and friends stepped

forward with generous gifts.

“It’s exciting to have this sort of

support in the community,”


President Doug Darling said.

Another $1 million Chal-

lenge Match Campaign currently

is underway and will continue

until December 31, 2016. Tiles

are available for another section

of the Wall of Excellence which

will be erected in 2017. To learn

more about the Challenge Match

Campaign, the Wall of Excellence,

or other ways you can support

programming at LRSC, call (701)

662-1520. ●

— Branches, summer, 2016 —

Those sponsoring named learn-

ing spaces were also honored.

• Otto Bremer Foundation—

Otto Bremer Foundation

Patient Simulation Laboratory

• Armen and Connie Han-


Lady Royals Classroom

• Richard and Kelly Sager

and family—

Harold “Bob”

Sager Classroom

• Rick and Boyd LaFleur and

I. F. LaFleur and Son, Inc.—

LaFleur Family Classroom

Automotive Technology

driven by science and technology


evils Run, a classic car show

which takes place in Devils

Lake each summer, brings hun-

dreds of classic cars to town. A

special category during Devils

Run is designed to encourage car

enthusiasts under the age of 21

to enter a competition designed

just for them. Special parking is

provided for the entrants who are

judged on Sunday of the show.

The North Dakota Street Rod

Association gives a plaque to the

most deserving participant. First-,

second-, and third-place prizes are

awarded plus a scholarship from

Lake Region State College.

“We know there are many bud-

ding car enthusiasts out there with


said Rick McAllister,

LRSC Automotive Technology

instructor and one of the coordina-

tors of the Under 21 competition.

Serious participants have come

from the Auto Tech program.

At LRSC, the science and tech-

nology of automotive mechanics

blends with hands-on learning.

Students implement all new tech-

nologies from classroom to lab to

enhance learning.

The program is nationally cer-

tified by NATEF (the National Au-

tomotive Education Foundation),

which ensures that instruction is

provided by qualified faculty with

proper tools and equipment and

up-to-date curriculum. Techni-

cians are trained to use the latest

testing equipment and special

tools needed to repair all types of


A certificate and diploma are

offered through a competency-

based training format which

utilizes self-paced, individual-

ized instruction. The curriculum

includes training in the eight areas

of skills identified by NATEF

Automotive Service Excellence.

Auto Tech graduates are strongly

encouraged to take voluntary ASE

certification testing. ●