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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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A new chapter

Dr. Doug Darling named president of LRSC


he college is beginning a new

chapter. On March 6, 2013, at

the conclusion

of a nation-wide

search, the State

Board of Higher

Education an-



Dr. Doug Dar-

ling would be

the next presi-

dent of LRSC.



ling won the

appo i n tme n t

because of his





and exemplary

c omm i t me n t

to the institu-

tion. He has

been employed

at LRSC for the

past twenty-four years, holding

faculty positions in Marketing and

Information Technology. He also

served as public information

officer and director of Continu-

ing Education. Most recently, he

served as vice president for In-

structional Services and as interim

president. In addition to his ex-

periential credentials, Dr. Darling

has earned degrees—a Bachelor

of Science in Marketing Education

from UND, a Master of Science in

Vocational Education from UND,

and a Doctorate of Philosophy in

Occupational and Adult Educa-

tion from NDSU.

To say that LRSC has been a

big part of Dr. Darling’s life is an

understatement. He admits that,

at times, the college feels like a

second home, and he speculates

that this is part of the reason his

appointment as the institution’s

president is so rewarding.

“My heart has always been with

this college. It seems nearly every

step of my career has prepared me for

this leadership





new leader,

Dr. Darling

will write the

next chapters

of the college’s

history. Many


traditions of


will be contin-

ued, and new

ventures will

be explored.

The college will

remain true

to its mission,

working to en-

hance lives and

community vitality throuh quality


“For 72 years ... LRSC has fo-

cused on this mission. It defines who

we are and what we strive to be to our

students, our community, and our


Dr. Darling explained.

It is safe to say that Dr. Dar-

ling is very optimistic as LRSC

opens a new chapter under his


“LRSC has a colorful history

that has included setbacks and chal-


he said

. However, today the

college is respected as a nimble educa-

tion innovator and teaching/learning

powerhouse. Credit for its success

goes to the dedicated faculty and

staff who live the college’s mission

and who never give up. As we begin

this new chapter, please join me in

the quest to build an even better and

stronger Lake Region State College.

Together, we will provide keys to op-

portunities for bright futures.”

—Branches, summer, 2013 —

Tech through time


n the classroom and in the office,

LRSC students and staff have

been eager learners and early

adopters. Connie Kriel and Jeanne

O’Gorman were some of the first

computer instructors (1980). Their

tools were Commodores and

Apple IIs, and teaching students

to use the DOS operating system

was their focus. Spreadsheets soon

became a priority; early systems

used numbers and capital letters


(Lowercase letters came later.)

VisiCalc was an early spreadsheet

that Dan Johnson nostalgically

remembers. Records show that

Lotus was taught in 1982. Jay

Olson introduced it to many farm-

ers to help them automate their

recordkeeping. Janet Wood led the

focus on word processing, offering

courses in WordPerfect. Techno-

logical advances rolled out, one

after another—modems, floppy

disks, electronic bulletin boards,

terminals, line printers, and more.

Networks linked computers

together, and then Internet came,

closely followed by email.

With every change, people

needed to learn new skills. The

college offered classes in network-

ing, programming, and even

desktop publishing twenty-five

years ago. Software systems came

and went, computer speeds got

faster and faster. Change! Change!

Change! That’s one thing that

stayed constant in the world of

computer technology.

Today, technology has a role

in almost everything we do. It

helps us in our daily work and

it strengthens classroom experi-

ences. Classrooms are equipped

with SmartBoards; students use

Smartcards for identification and

to purchase meals and items in

the bookstore, check out library

books, unlock doors ... even run

the washers and dryers!

Every day, LRSC works hard

to keep up with changes. It takes

seriously its mission to prepare

students to capture opportunities

and succeed in the new normal of

our ever-changing world. ●