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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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Remembering Dr. Merril Berg


hinking “outside of the box”

was one of Dr. Merril Berg’s

great strengths. In fact, he some-

times suffered serious criticism

for thinking too far beyond the

borders of the box. Nevertheless,

Dr. Berg was a visionary with a

talent for inspiring




began his leader-

ship role at LRSC

in 1962. At the

time, the college

had outgrown the


classrooms of the



ing. Classes were

meeting in store-

fronts and work-

shops throughout

the community.


boards for the

college and high

school were planning a new cam-

pus on the northern edge of Dev-

ils Lake, and Dr. Berg embraced

the challenge. Funding at federal,

state, and local levels was sought.

The architect was instructed to

design an efficient, expandable,

and accessible facility. The lovely

campus we enjoy today is the re-

sult of that innovative thinking.

Core classrooms, the student

union, gym, and residence halls

were opened in 1966. The Erland-

son Center was added in 1969,

and the dining room and Gilliland

Hall followed in 1973. Dr. Berg re-

tired in 1979, concluding 17 years

of leadership at LRSC.

Phyllis Ratcliffe, Merril’s

second wife (


first wife, Doro-

thy died in 1978.


often remarked

that LRSC was his

“first love.” He

took advantage of

every opportunity

to visit the cam-

pus, especially

the library where

he would head

straight for the

archives. Some-

times he looked

for a tidbit of

history tucked

away there, and

sometimes he

brought something to add to the

collection. Always, he enjoyed

wandering the hallways, chat-

ting with old friends and learning

about new things happening on


Dr. Berg’s death in February

2011 closed a creative chapter in

the college’s history. We are grate-

ful for his leadership and ability

to think beyond the box. ●

— Branches, spring 2011 —

Dr. Merril Berg


All for the love of flowers


ore knees ... dirt under your nails ... mud on your clothes ... the

“rewards” of being a member of the Campus Beautification Com-

mittee! Membership also provides an opportunity to create beautiful

flowerbeds on the LRSC campus for students and visitors to enjoy.

Committee members get to know each other and exchange garden-

ing secrets. They volunteer to tend one, or sometimes several flower-

beds for the summer. They decide what to plant, and they do the shop-


(This is especially fun because the college pays the bill!)

And then they

water, weed, and look after the plants throughout the summer. When

the students return in the fall, the campus is ablaze with color. What a

glorious greeting! ●

— Branches, fall 1999 —

Grand Forks Air Force Base

Education Center

Located on the Grand Forks

Air Force Base, the LRSC Out-

reach Center provides a wide

array of education services for

military personnel, their depen-

dents, and all others who would

like to enroll. To meet the needs of

military personnel, the format of

courses is condensed. Classes are

completed in nine weeks rather

than the traditional eighteen. The

curriculum includes all classes

needed for an Associate in Arts

(AA) in Liberal Arts or Account-

ing/Business Administration,

along with several technical de-

grees and certificates. ●

—The Connection, fall 2001 —

Wireless access now available

LRSC has gone wireless! Wire-

less access is available throughout

the campus for students and regis-

tered guests. If you have a laptop

and would like to use LRSC wire-

less, you must bring your com-

puter to the Computer Help Desk

by the Student Union.

Students who live in the resi-

dence halls may lease computers

with Internet access and Microsoft

Office Suite for $50 a semester. ●

— The Connection, fall 2008 —

Four-year business degree

Since 2001, Mayville State

University has offered its BS in

Business Administration at LRSC.

Courses are delivered in a variety

of ways—interactive video, on-

line, and evenings and weekends.

Many students earn Accounting/

Business Administration, Office

Management, and/or Marketing

degrees, and then enter the MSU

program equipped to use their de-

grees for employment while earn-

ing their four-year degrees. The

program is a great opportunity for

students with jobs and families to

juggle. ●

— The Connection, fall 2007 —