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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

Dr. Mike Bower: President 2008-2012


r. Mike Bower was attracted

to LRSC and Devils Lake

because of the commitment

the college and community have

to student success.

In 2008, the State Board of

Higher Education named Dr. Mike



dent of Lake








president, Bow-

er was execu-

tive dean to the



Continuing Ed-

ucation Corpo-

rate Services at

branch campus-

es for Michigan

Technical Edu-

cation Centers

and University

Center at Mott

C o mm u n i t y

College, Flint, Michigan. He also

has served as a campus admini-

strator at the Chippewa Falls

campus of Chippewa Valley Tech-

nical College in Wisconsin and

has served as dean of academics

and training, Columbus Campus

for Central Community College,

Nebraska. Bower had numerous

years of industry experience—

having worked for RCA and Ford

Motor Company-Lincoln Mercury


While leading LRSC, the

proposed addition to the techni-

cal center gained momentum,

new sports programs were added

to the curriculum, recruitment

efforts expanded, and retention

efforts were heightened. The

Community College Foundation

also was strengthened when the

Advancement Department was

developed which includes the

foundation, grants management,

development, and donor rela-

tions. Today, that office is Ad-

vancement and Communications

and covers all aspects of com-

munity relations, marketing, and


The Bowers brought an enthu-

siasm for community to the Lake

Region. With their arrival, a new

tradition was


Royal Social.

Under the

direction of

Carol Bower,

a committee

of community

members, col-

lege staff, and


board mem-

bers created a

monthly outing

for women held

each month in a

home of a com-

munity mem-

ber. For ten dol-

lars, on the first

Thursday of the month, women

would gather and socialize. The

socials became quite popular and

soon raised money to support a

variety of programs including

volleyball, Fitness Trainer Techni-

cian, business programs, music,

theater, art, and more.

In 2012, the Bowers an-

nounced that a need to be closer

to family meant a move to Ohio.

Bower was selected to be presi-

dent at Owens Community Col-

lege in Ohio, a position he started

in July 2012.

Bower said he loved his time

here at Lake Region State College

and adored living in Devils Lake.

“I have loved what I’ve done for

almost four years, being a part of the

LRSC family.”

he said.

Never have

we lived in such a community where

the welcome mat has been overly

extended like it has been in this com-

munity. Everyone has enveloped us

with open hearts and we are blessed

to know so many caring people.”

Dr. Mike and Carol Bower

Caring for Kids


n 1985, the college and Lake Area

Career and Technical Center

launched a creative partnership to

offer an Early Childhood Educa-

tion degree option. The agreement

allowed LRSC students to enroll

in courses taught by LACTC’s

well-qualified instructor, Sonja

Adahl, and provided access to a

specialized laboratory/classroom

complete with a playground.

Articulation agreements assured

that coursework was accepted for

credit as students prepared for

their careers by entering the work-

force or transferring to complete

university degrees in early child-

hood/elementary education.

In 2006, the North Dakota

University System established a

course numbering system that

makes transfer even more seam-

less. Since 2005, Mayville State

University has offered BA and BS

degrees in Early Childhood Edu-

cation and in Elementary Educa-

tion which are delivered on our

campus and/or online making it

possible for students to complete

degrees without leaving their


In the early nineties, the col-

lege saw a need to assist students

and staff struggling to find quality

child care resources. LRSC formed

an agreement with Memorial Day

Care Center in downtown Devils

Lake. The college would pro-

vide space and some support for

“overhead,” and the center would

open a new child care facility on

campus. Families linked to the col-

lege would receive priority access

to this new center. Leaders in this

discussion were Sharon Etemad,

LRSC president, and Caroline

Kenner, Memorial Day Care Cen-

ter director.

Today, the on-campus center,

College Care for Kids, is operated

by a parent board and provides

opportunities for many students

to gain paid, hands-on experience

with young children. ●