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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

Robert Fawcett Auditorium opens

The hammering has ceased ... the carpet is installed ...

the paint has dried. Now, the auditorium is filled with the

sweet beauty of music, acts of comedy and drama, prancing

of dancing feet ... and thunderous audience applause!


held a grand open-

ing ceremony in

the Robert Fawcett Auditorium

December 1, 2000, and all events

held during the month of Decem-

ber were part of the celebration.

Five years of hard work

Formerly known as Pioneer

Hall, the renovated auditorium

brings a brand new look to the

college, says Dr. Sharon L. Ete-

mad, president of LRSC.

“This is

the result of five years of hard work

by the college and the Lake Region


she declared.

The capital campaign to fund

the renovation was launched in

the fall of 1995, according to Lau-

rel Goulding, executive director of

the Community College Founda-

tion. Construction began in March


“The auditorium campaign was

launched just after conclusion of the

Library Expansion Project. Because

so many groups from throughout the

Lake Region use the auditorium for so

many things, support began to arrive

almost immediately,”

she said.

At the campaign’s close, more

than three hundred businesses

and individuals had contributed

a total of $547 thousand to the

Auditorium Renovation Project.

Local dollars were matched by a

$499,544 appropriation from the

State of North Dakota.

Today, the auditorium has

been transformed from a tattered

hall into a beautiful, state-of-the-

art auditorium capable of com-

fortably seating 650 guests.

The make-over includes new

lighting and sound systems, air

conditioning, curtains, carpeting,

additional storage, an expanded

stage with a wooden floor, and

improved dressing rooms.

A special gift from

the Fawcett Family

During the auditorium cam-

paign, the Fawcett family of Dev-

ils Lake took a special interest in

the project. Today, the auditorium

bears the name “Robert Fawcett

Auditorium” thanks to a special

benefactor gift from Mrs. Marga-

ret Fawcett.

“We’re especially grateful to Mrs.

Fawcett, whose generous gift early in

the campaign inspired us all to work

hard to complete the fund-raising,”

Laurel said.

Mrs. Fawcett named the audi-

torium for her late husband, Dr.

Robert Fawcett. He and Margaret

were long-term residents of Dev-

ils Lake and were deeply involved

in the community. They raised

four children while he practiced

medicine in the Lake Region for

thirty-four years.

Dr. Fawcett was the young-

est son of William C. Fawcett,

who opened a medical practice

in Starkweather in 1902. From his

humble office over a hardware

store, Dr. William had no idea

he was beginning a family tradi-

tion that would lead to 148 com-

bined years of medical practice in

Ramsey County by himself and

four doctor sons. Eventually, the

practice moved to Devils Lake

and became the Lake Region

Clinic. Dr. Robert was the last to

practice in Devils Lake, retiring in


“The Fawcett family embraces the

arts and wants the Lake Region arts

community to thrive. We are honored

to name this beautiful facility in Dr.

Fawcett’s memory,”

Laurel said. ●

— Branches, spring 2001 —

From the desk of

Sharon L. Etemad


Lake Region State College

Dear Friends,

I’m just back from taking my weekly

walk through the Robert Fawcett

Auditorium Renovation Project. As

I stand on the stage, I can hear

theater productions, musical con-

certs, humanities lectures, town hall

meetings, water debates, cooking

schools, Christmas music, jazz,

country, folk, opera, and symphonic

sounds. What a wondrous ca-

cophony! As I continue through the

halls, I see the art in the hallways,

in the Chautauqua Gallery, and in

the art department’s display cases.

What a tribute to human creativity

and imagination. Life without art is

limited, indeed!

The college and community are

partners in support of arts and hu-

manities. What good fortune for all

of us to be surrounded by, not only

the natural beauty of the prairie and

our lake, but the creations of the

human spirit. They help us to better

know and understand ourselves and

our fellow travelers on this human


An integral part of the college’s

mission is to support life-long learn-

ing for all members of the college

family to enhance the life of the

region, for individuals and the com-

munity as a whole. The college is a

center for improving the quality of

life in the region.

All of life is a stage, and Lake

Region State College and you, my

friends, are players. May we have a

long run. “Break a leg!”


Sharon L. Etemad, Ed. D.

— Branches, fall 2000 —