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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

The LRSC engine did it!

Sometimes I imagine LRSC to be the “little engine that could.”


hat little red train engine

from my children’s story

book just kept chugging

and chugging. Over and over, the

engine kept saying,

“I think I can, I

think I can…”

until finally, against

great odds, it pulled a big heavy

load to the top of the hill.

When the North Dakota

Higher Ed Challenge Match was

announced, I was excited, but

worried, too, about trying to pull

such a “heavy load.” How could

LRSC and its foundation raise $2

million dollars in an 18-month

time window? How could we do

that when, in our best fundrais-

ing year we raised just under $600


Others worried as well.

Campus leaders, the foundation’s

board of directors, and friends of

the college all were grateful for

the match opportunity but wor-

ried that the hill might be too

high. Still, everybody agreed we

needed to try.

So, like that little engine, we

told ourselves,

“We think we can,

we think we can.”

Slowly, gradu-

ally, the momentum built. One

success led to the next. One friend

encouraged another. Large gifts

and small began to arrive. It start-

ed to look like maybe we might

come close. Then it began to look

like we might actually do it. And

then it happened ... we reached

the $2 million mark!

At the campaign’s end, LRSC

and its foundation reported rais-

ing $2.2 million of match-eligible

funds, and we received $1.1 mil-

lion in matching dollars. LRSC

was allowed to claim more match

dollars than initially designated

because not all North Dakota

colleges reached their goals. Un-

claimed remainders were award-

ed to schools that exceeded their


We are still basking in the

success of this exciting challenge.

Throughout the 2015 legislative

session, LRSC was called upon to

tell its story. We became known as

the “little campus that did it,” and

our story played an important

role in the legislature’s decision

to fund the ND Higher Ed Chal-

lenge Match for another 18-month


Credit for this remarkable

success goes to LRSC’s many

friends and stakeholders. Four

hundred and fifty individuals

and businesses contributed to the

campaign. Their gifts created new

endowments for scholarship and

program support and strength-

ened many established endow-

ments. Gifts were directed to sup-

port the new Bergstrom Technical

Education Center. Several private

foundations also invested in the

campaign with gifts to support

financial literacy, nursing educa-

tion, and peace officer training.

In the end, the campaign

was successful because so many

people acted upon their belief

that education makes a difference.

They helped the engine climb the

hill. One by one, they declared,

“I think I can,”

and together ... we

did it! ●

—Branches, fall 2015 —

The challenge continues


ow we are facing a new

challenge ... raise $2 million

by December 31, 2016. Can we

do it? Yes, I think we can. Once

again, the hill is high and our

little engine will need to pull

hard. But this time we are better

prepared and more confident.

We will build on our success,

knowing that the LRSC engine

is stronger and more able to

change lives as it creates better

tomorrows. ●

(Named Endowments, continued from page 8)

Gunnerud-Dietrich American Legion Post 86 &

Auxiliary Unit 86 of Minnewaukan Endowment

John M. Hagen Memorial Endowment

Everett A. Hahn, Jr. Memorial Endowment

Delphia Halle Memorial Endowment

Armen & Connie Hanson Endowment

C. Rudolph & Anne Hanson Memorial Endowment

Walter & Helen Hanson Endowment

Agnes Hastad Memorial Endowment

Greg Haugen Memorial Endowment

Rodger & Connie Haugen Endowment

Thomas F. Herda Memorial Endowment

Kathlyn Heustis Memorial Endowment

High Plains Equipment Endowment

Paul Hoghaug Library Endowment

Andy Horner Memorial Endowment

Huesgen Family Endowment

Frank Hyland Memorial Endowment

J.A.N.S. Jan’s Annual Nursing Scholarship

Aurelie & William Jerome Endowment

Chuck & Sherry Jerome Family Endowment

Peter & Pamela Jerome Helping Hand Endowment

Leonard Johnson Memorial Endowment

Murray & Beth Johnson Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Lloyd & Lois Jones Memorial Endowment

Patrick Kavanaugh Memorial Endowment

Corry & Kristin Kenner Fun-Raising Endowment

Corry & Kristin Kenner Scholarship Endowment

Shirley Kienast Memorial Endowment

Hazel & Lucas “Gus” Kirchoffner Endowment

James Kirk Endowment

Klemetsrud Family Endowment

Todd A. Kraft Memorial Endowment

James & Virginia LaBarre Endowment

Laber Family Endowment

Izzy & Gwenn LaFleur Endowment

Lake Region Winter Sports Endowment

Florence Lake Trust

Cynthia Kuchar LaMotte Memorial Endowment

Lannoye Family Endowment

Beatrice Larson Memorial Endowment

Leevers Family Endowment

Patrick Liere Memorial Endowment

Marvin Linde Scholarship Endowment

Mary E. Lundy Program Endowment

Dr. James Mahoney Memorial Endowment

Alan Martin Memorial Endowment

Clarence & Ruth Cahoon Maxwell Memorial Endowment

Theresa Herda McCaughey Memorial Endowment

Carol McLaurin Memorial Endowment

Mosbaek Family Endowment

NET Fund for the Future

David & Jamie Nienhuis Endowment

Keith Thomas Nistler Endowment

Tom & Regina Nistler Endowment

Nordic Fiberglass Endowment

North Dakota Telephone Company Endowment

Herman & Emma Oehlke Memorial Endowment

Arnold & Dorothy Oehlsen Memorial Endowment

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