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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

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A New Name for a New Century


he name-change indicates a

big change in status. The col-

lege has moved from being

a branch campus to operating as

an independent



the North Da-



System. Lake Re-

gion State Col-

lege, along with

its “sister” college

in Williston, now



to the University

System chancel-

lor and the State

Board of Higher

Education rather than indirectly

through the president of UND.

While this change will have little

effect on day-to-day events at the

college, it is interpreted as a vote

of confidence, providing recogni-

tion and autonomy on par with

other independent colleges within

the university system.

The name change will not

cause traditional curriculum offer-

ings to change. As always, LRSC

will provide vocational-technical

programs for students preparing

to enter the workforce as well as

the transfer-track program for

students begining a four-year bac-

calaureate program.

The name change is tied to the

addition of a new responsibility.

LRSC, along with three other state

colleges, is responsible for devel-

oping workforce training services

to meet the needs of business and

industry throughout the state.

Specifically, LRSC is charged with

addressing workforce training

needs in the northeast quadrant of

North Dakota. Additional funding

has been allocated for this effort,

and a new posi-

tion, Workforce

Training Man-

ager, has been


With the

new century

just around the

corner, LRSC is

excited about its

new name. Cam-

pus personnel

have developed a

new logo, com-

plete with a lion insignia. The

new design will be phased in as

new materials and supplies are

ordered. This being the college’s

sixth name change, we’ve learned

there’s no harm in being frugal.

We will ease into the change, us-

ing up materials on hand before

ordering new.

Of course, no matter how large

the sign or bright the letterhead,

some of the college’s best friends

and financial supporters will con-

tinue to use their “pet names” for

the college. We won’t be frustrated

by their attachment to names from

the past.

In the end, it’s not what we

call ourselves that really counts.

It’s how well we do our work. By

any name, Lake Region State Col-

lege works hard to serve students

and will continue to do so far into

the new century. ●

— Branches, fall 1999 —

The name change

signifies some large

changes and some

small changes ...

and some things

won’t change at all!

Workforce Training ..

What does it mean?


hen the dust settled at the

close of the 1999 legislative

session, many were surprised to

learn that a new workforce train-

ing initiative had been passed.

What will it mean for North Dako-

ta businesses and working folks?

Is this really a good idea? These

and many more questions were

in the air as legislators headed for


On July 1, 1999, the Workforce

Training Bill took effect, and four

two-year colleges in North Dakota

accepted their new, expanded mis-

sions. Each became responsible for

providing workforce training for

the quarter of the state in which

it was located. LRSC was charged

with providing workforce train-

ing for the northeast quadrant of

North Dakota.

The fast pace of change makes

workforce training essential.

Keeping skills up to date is nearly

impossible without periodic train-

ing. Homegrown North Dakota

enterprises and businesses re-

locating to our state recognize the

need for ready access to top-of-

the-line training services. In fact,

North Dakota’s business commu-

nity believes that a strong work-

force is essential if North Dakota

wants to remain competitive.

Is this change good for LRSC

and its students? Yes, most defi-

nitely! This kind of change has

been considered before, but this

time the business community and

the governor were vocal support-

ers of the initiative. Key legislators

were instrumental in the design of

the plan, and funds were appro-

priated to help with its implemen-

tation. We feel the time is right for

North Dakota’s two-year colleges

to take the lead in building and

maintaining a world-class work-

force in North Dakota. We hope

you agree! ●

— Branches, fall 1999 —