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Lake Region State College:

Celebrating 75 years

What’s in a name?

On July 1, 1999, UND-Lake Region will become

Lake Region State College


his will be the college’s sixth

name in its 59-year history.

Each time, the college has grown

stronger. We think that will hap-

pen again.

Name 1:

The college opened in

1941 with the name

Devils Lake

Junior College and Business School


That was a good name. It reflected

the fact that the Devils Lake Public

School Board was responsible for

the college. The college occupied

space in the Pershing Building

attached to the high school, and

many of the instructors were

high school teachers. Liberal arts

courses were offered for transfer

students, and business courses

were offered to prepare students

to work in area businesses.

Name 2:

In 1960, the name was

changed to

Lake Region Junior Col-


Enrollment had grown, and

classes were being held in every

available space throughout the

city. The liberal arts transfer pro-

gram continued to be offered, and

several technical programs had

joined the business program. A

major effort to build a new cam-

pus was under way, and the new

name, reflecting a broader mis-

sion, was helpful to the campaign.

Name 3:

In 1981, the name was

changed to

Lake Region Community


. The term “community

college” described post-secondary

institutions which provided vo-

cational-technical training, liberal

arts transfer programs, and con-

tinuing education services. Com-

munity colleges were also known

for being affordable, student-cen-

tered, and responsive to commu-

nity needs ... a description that fit

the Lake Region’s college to a T.

Name 4:

In 1985, LRCC became a

full member of the North Dakota

University System, and manage-

ment became the responsibility of

the State Board of Higher Educa-

tion. The college was placed under

supervision of the North Dakota

State School of Science, and the

name was changed to

North Dakota

State School of Science-Devils Lake


Name 5:

In 1987, the college be-

came a branch campus of the Uni-

versity of North Dakota, and the

name was changed to



. This new name enhanced

the college’s reputation as a great

place to begin a four-year bacca-

laureate program. Having “UND”

in the name has served the college

well for the past twelve years.

Now it is time for Name 6:


Region State College

is the new-

est name assigned to the college

by the North Dakota Legislature.

This reflects exciting and positive

changes taking place in North

Dakota’s higher education system.

Four two-year colleges are being

asked to expand their missions

to be responsible for providing

workforce training for a quarter of

the state.

Many have asked,

“Is this

change good for UND-LR?”

We be-

lieve it is. This change will enable

North Dakota’s two-year colleges

to grow stronger together. They

will take the lead in building a

world-class workforce in North

Dakota ... And we believe this alli-

ance between the two-year schools

will pave the way to creative solu-

tions in many other areas as well.

Changing the name and creat-

ing a parallel status for North

Dakota’s two-year colleges is the

right decision for this time. And

besides, a rose, is a rose, is a rose,

is a rose ... ●

— Branches, spring 1999 —

How to change the

name of a college:


rowned the undisputed name-

change champion of the state ...

probably the whole midwest ... who

knows, maybe the whole country! ...

UND-Lake Region could write a how-

to book on the process. Here are

some of our most valuable tips:

• Do race to the Bookstore, be-

cause there will be lots of per-

fectly good sweatshirts marked

way down.

• Do invest in the local sign and

printing shops which are sure to

do a booming business during the


• Do think up a new logo, and see

if you can sell it to the CEO. Hint:

Our CEO loves auctions, so it’s

simple ... find somebody to bid

against her, and your logo idea is

sure to sell high!

• Don’t hurry out and buy lots of

new stationery. It’s okay to use up

the old stuff first ... it takes a long

time for people to get used to a

new name.

• Don’t hold a grudge against the

folks who insist on using the old

name long after the change ...

just think of them as “historians.”

— Branches, spring 1999 —

Wondering what

LRSC has to offer?


heck out our new video, and

find out how even though the

campus has evolved and grown

over the years, its first priority is

still student success and interac-

tion. The video was made possible

with funds from the Commu-

nity College Awareness Initiative

which showcases program offer-

ings at community colleges and

raises awareness of the career

opportunities available right here

in North Dakota.

Go to

er-LRSC/welcome-to-LRSC. ●