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, Vol. 26, Issue 1, Summer 2016

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Are we in your will?

Wow, now there’s a bold question, but one we feel we must ask


generous match cam-

paign is underway,

thanks to the North Dakota

Higher Education Chal-

lenge Fund. The Legisla-

ture assigned $1 million to

Lake Region State College

as match for qualifying

gifts. The fund gives $1 for

every $2 raised. A qualify-

ing gift of $10,000 becomes


To qualify, the gift must

be directed toward schol-

arship support, program

support, or enhancement of


The challenge match

period will continue until

December 31, 2016. Gifts

that are planned to come

to LRSC through a will

can only be matched if we

know of the gift and its

intent before the challenge

match closes. This is why it

is important that you let us

know by December 31



you or a family member are

planning such a gift.

For more information,

contact (701) 662-1520.

clothing, equipment, or other special items to display,

said Erin

Wood, Director of Development and Community Rela-


A Proud History


n the spring of 1940, Superintendent of Devils Lake

Schools F. H. Gilliland and the Devils Lake School

Board discussed the law permitting school districts to

operate a “department” of junior college work in cities of

10,000 or larger, but Devils Lake wasn’t at that population

threshold. So, in early 1941, the Devils Lake School Board

passed a resolution favoring a bill that would revise the law

to allow establishment of colleges in cities of over 5,000

residents. Senator G. F. Drew introduced Sen. Bill 83 ad-

dressing this, and it passed.

City voters then went to the polls and overwhelmingly

approved establishment of a college in Devils Lake.

In the summer of 1941, Mr. Gilliland had classrooms

in the Pershing Building readied, developed a curricu-

lum, wrote and produced a catalog, and hired H. L. Woll

as dean and other instructors from the high school who

would be teaching classes.

And on September 22


, 1941, the college opened its

doors with 32 students.

Since that date, many students have been served. Some

were students of

Lake Region Junior College


Lake Region

Community College

, or

University of North Dakota-Lake


, and all benefited from access to our comunity’s col-


“All of those students, faculty, staff, and volunteers are parts

of the Lake Region story, and we want to hear from them,”


Darling said.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see

you July 7-9! Check the back cover of this newsletter for a

schedule of events!


It’s time to celebrate,

continued from page 1)

Buy a brick, and

be an Anniversary Sponsor


lumni and friends are invited to honor the college’s 75

years of education and service, from 1941 to today.

Your $75 “Anniversary Sponsorship” will support work to

collect, preserve, and share the college’s history for the 75


Anniversary Celebration and for years to come. Your gift is

also tax-deductible.

Each Anniversary Sponsor is invited to place a name

on a brick to be displayed as a design element in the cam-

pus courtyard landscape. Please provide the exact wording

you would like engraved on your brick. Engraving is lim-

ited to 2 lines and 15 spaces per line. Alumni are encour-

aged to include graduation years. Bricks in honor of others

are also welcome.

Message from CCF President Chad

Hello, all,

In January I became the

president of the Communi-

ty College Foundation, and

I am excited! Even though I

served as vice president for

two years, there is much to

learn. The college is always

changing and adapting to

the needs of our commu-

nity and students. And like-

wise, the work of the foun-

dation is always evolving.

But our mission remains

the same—

opening doors to

bright futures for students!


accomplish this mission

by gathering resources to

make the college stronger,

by reaching out to the com-

munity with information

about the good work of the

college and highlighting

needs, and by encouraging

thoughtful planning and

support by our state’s lead-

ers and legislators.

In April, I participated

in a wonderful celebra-

tion—the unveiling of the

Wall of Excellence

in the

new Bergstrom Technical

Center. It is so important to

take time to celebrate suc-

cess. Those who attended

couldn’t help but feel pride

in the extraordinary invest-

ment made by the LRSC

family. Wall of Excellence

gifts were matched dur-

ing the first ND Higher

Education Challenge and

will be used to finish the

Tech Center renovation

project and strengthen

instructional programs all

across campus. In addition

to this group of donors, we

earlier celebrated the many

who invested in scholar-

ship support during the first

Challenge Match. Together,

these gifts totaled $1.2 mil-

lion, and the impact will be

felt years for come!

If I were to choose a

time to serve as president,

this would be it! Having

just concluded the most

successful fund-raising ini-

tiative in our history, we are

at the midway point in the

second Challenge Match

opportunity. We hope to

report equal success when

it concludes on December

31, 2016.

This is a great time to

be president of a founda-

tion that works for a better

tomorrow. This work has

new meaning because of

changes in my life. Mandy

and I are new parents, and

wow, what a difference that

makes! We find ourselves

thinking about the things

that make a community a

great place to raise a family.

We love the Lake Region,

and doing our parts to keep

the community and the col-

lege strong has taken new


Please enjoy this edi-

tion of


and please

contact me if you have

thoughts or suggestions

for me during my two-year

term as president of the

Community College Foun-

dation board of directors.

Best regards,

President Chad Peterson

Come to the best Key Event EVER!

Look to the future and look to the past.

Seventy-five years have sped by so fast!

We’ll remember those who paved the way

And celebrate success on a special day.

Mark your calendar for October 21


And be the one to buy your tickets first!

Come “Key Event-ing” with great college fans

Who are helping to build exciting new plans

For bright, bright futures for LRSC

And generations still to come. You’ll see

LRSC’s future is bright!