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, Vol. 26, Issue 1, Summer 2016

A great leap of faith

Believing in the life-enriching power of education


n the eve of the col-

lege’s 75


year, it seems

appropriate to take time to

reflect and to appreciate

those who courageously led

the effort to create a college

for the Lake Region com-

munity. They took a great

leap of faith. Because they

believed in the life-enrich-

ing power of education,

they were determined to

build a college that would

open doors to opportunities

for students.

The dream was spear-

headed by F. H. Gilliland,

superintendent of the

Devils Lake Public School

District, and launched

in 1941 based out of the

Pershing Building attached

to the public high school.

Day-to-day operations were

managed by Professor H.

L. Woll who also served as

the college’s first full-time

faculty member.

In the 75 years that fol-

lowed, there were many,

many challenges and ever

more heroes. We are grate-

ful to all who had the vision

and the courage to embark

on a college-building mis-

sion. The heroes’ work

inspires us.

Today, it is our turn

to carefully steward this

important resource. It is our

turn to make the most of

college-building opportuni-

ties as they arise.

Right now, and until De-

cember 31, 2016, there is a

special opportunity to make

a difference for students of

today and tomorrow. The

Legislature re-authorized

the North Dakota Higher

Education ChallengeMatch.

It will sunset

at the end of

D e c emb e r ;

and consider-

ing the fact



Dakota is cut-

ting budgets,

it is unlikely



ava i l ab i l i t y

will continue.

So, we are



capitalize on



legislatively funded match.

LRSC and its founda-

tion can claim nearly $1

million in matching funds

by raising $2 million in gifts

from private sources. We

are making good progress,

but there is still plenty of

match available.

To qualify for matching

funds, gifts must support

scholarships, instructional

technology, or program-

strengthening initiatives.

Gifts may be pledged to be

paid over 5 years. There is

also an option to receive

matching funds for irrevo-

cable commitments built

into estate plans. In ad-

dition, North Dakota tax

payers can receive a 40-per-

cent tax credit for gifts of

$5,000 or greater in a single

tax year. Matching funds

combined with the North

Dakota 40-percent tax

credit make great partners

for making a

powerful gift.


five years

ago, there was

a remarkable,


line-up of

leaders who

invested time,

talents, and

resources to

establish a

college in the

Lake Region.

LRSC and

its foundation have been

blessed to benefit from the

commitment of an equally

determined community of

advocates. Supporters and

donors of today share the

vision of the college’s his-

toric leaders. Both groups

are committed to building

and sustaining excellence

in education for the Lake


To learn more about

how you can help LRSC

make the next great leap

forward, contact a mem-

ber of the foundation’s

board of directors or the

Foundation Office at (701)

662-1520 or LRSC.Founda-


New endowments ...

a gift that lives forever!


n endowment is a wonderful gift that lasts forever!

More than 140 endowments have been established

by individuals or families wishing to support schol-

arships or programs at LRSC. A gift of $15,000 or larger is

required to establish a new fund. Once the funds have been

invested for a year, the cash earnings are awarded annually

to support the scholarship or educational program of the

donor’s choice. The following endowments are new:

K-B, Denny and Betty Besse Family Endowment—


and Betty Besse worked hard and raised a family of seven

children in rural Starkweather ND and later in Devils

Lake and Grand Forks. Their lives centered around the

needs of their family, church, and community. Their

children established this scholarship to assist students who

may face challenges but are hard-working and determined

to complete their education.

Devils Lake Masonic Lodge #21 AF&AM Endowment—


Masons has been a fraternal organization for over 6 centu-

ries. They understand the importance of public education

and supported the first public schools in both Europe and

America. Devils Lake Masonic Lodge # 21 developed

this scholarship endowment to be awarded annually to an

exemplary North Dakota student with a Masonic back-

ground or connection.

Kathy Eisenzimmer Memorial Endowment—

Kathy Eisen-

zimmer devoted her life to family, friends, and children.

An alumnus of LRSC, she spent 34 wonderful years work-

ing in Sweetwater Elementary School, “just doing it!” In

her memory, her family established this memorial endow-

ment to be awarded to an exemplary student from the

Devils Lake School System.

Hazel and Lucas “Gus” Kirchoffner Endowment—

Born in

the Lake Region to parents that had immigrated from

Belgium and South Russia, Hazel and Gus worked hard to

give their children the education they never had. The chil-

dren established this endowment in their parents’ memory

to be awarded to a student in the nursing, teaching, or law

enforcement career field.

Marvin Linde Scholarship Endowment—

From his own

childhood experiences, Marvin Linde developed an appre-

ciation for well trained and empathetic teachers, especially

at the elementary level. Consequently, the Marvin Linde

Endowed scholarship will serve students pursuing el-

ementary education. Marvin attended LRSC when it was

located in the Pershing Building. He became a teacher and

spent many years in the classroom. Later, he pursued a

second career in business.

Alan Martin Memorial Endowment—

For 60 years, Alan

Martin served Farmers Union Central Exchange as a

licensed public accountant. In that capacity, he traveled a

large region developing friendships and helping local co-op

managers strengthen their accounting skills. As a tribute to

his exemplary skills and caring leadership, the New Rock-

ford-Fessenden Co-op Transport Association established

this endowment to support education about cooperatives

within the Dakota Precision Ag program.

Mosbaek Family Endowment—

This endowment was es-

tablished by Amy Mosbaek and her son, Allan Mosbaek.

Amy is a member of the first graduating class of LRSC.

Allan’s wife, Nancy, was a registered nurse and former

faculty at LRSC. The Nursing program will receive annual

scholarship awards from this endowment.

Stephen and Carla Pine Endowment—

An interest in medi-

cine and love for the Devils Lake community sparked Ste-

phen and Carla Pine’s decision to create an endowment at

LRSC to strengthen its Nursing program. Stephen’s father

was a physician, and his mother was a nurse and published

author. Stephen and Carla believe that gifts given at the

local level have potential to make a larger impact on stu-

dents, the college, and the community served..

To learn more about establishing an endowment, please

contact the Foundation Office at (701) 662-1520.

A Night to Remember …


ew Holocaust survivors remain to tell of

the nightmares that existed during that

time. LRSC was honored to welcome Inge

Auerbacher, a Holocaust survivor, to speak

in the Robert Fawcett Auditorium during

March 2016.

Inge shared her story through a book

discussion with community members who

read her autobiography

I Am a Star

. She

held discussions with the Phi Theta Kappa

Honor Society and gave a community

presentation to a capacity-filled Robert

Fawcett Auditorium.

In Ms. Auerbacher’s book she explains,

“My childhood birthdays were always very

happy and typical. That is, until my eighth


She continued,

“My next three

birthdays marked the years of a nightmare.”

Inge presented her story of life in Hit-

ler’s Germany and in the Terezin Ghetto. In

1942, when Inge was just seven years old,

she and her family found themselves in a

Nazi con-

cent r a t i on



C z e c h o -

s l o v a k i a .

Of the 15

t h o u s a n d

c h i l d r e n

who moved

through that

ghetto, Inge

is one of

only about



survived to

be liberated

in 1945.

Inge sent attendees home with a mes-


“Don’t stand by … if you see something

wrong, do something about it.”

Ms. Auerbacher has written many

books, including

I Am a Star


Today, it

is our turn

to carefully

steward this



Holocaust survivor

Inge Auerbacher