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, Vol. 26, Issue 1, Summer 2016

Dear Friends,

It never fails! The annual commencement ceremony is always a rewarding

experience. This year, a larger than usual number of students participated in the

event ... walking across the stage to receive certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Because there were so many participants, we hosted overflow crowds in two

conference rooms. Following the ceremony, students and their guests gathered in

dining services for lunch and memory-sharing.

At these joyous occasions, I am always rejuvenated. This is my 27



to “gown up” for graduation at LRSC. Each time, I have come away recharged

and confident that LRSC is living its motto—We Change Lives!

Empowering the campus to live its motto is challenging work. Fortunately, the

LRSC team is student-oriented and dedicated to academic excellence. There is

a strong tradition of making the most of the resources entrusted to the campus.

That resolve is being tested, as we recently received word that state funding for

the current biennium has been reduced by 4.5 percent. Budget planning for the

next biennium must be based on 90 percent of the current plan. While this is

unwelcome news, we will make it work. We are taking steps to reduce current

expenditures and making plans to cope with leaner times ahead. Meanwhile, we

are grateful for the private support directed to the college during the first ND

Higher Ed Challenge and are working with our donor community to capture

matching funds from the second (and likely final) round of the Higher Ed

Challenge. Despite our challenges, LRSC is healthy and forward looking. Through

the years, the college has weathered many challenges, some of which were truly

life-threatening. A look back at some of those hard times will be part of the 75


anniversary event this summer and a theme of events throughout the anniversary

year. With lessons in mind, we will check the priority list and strategically invest

in the things that matter most. We will grow stronger as we persevere.

Please join us for the summer 75


anniversary events and the booster club’s golf

scramble. (See the schedule on the back page.) Bring your great stories about

the life-changing opportunities LRSC has provided. Bring your ideas for new

initiatives we could consider. Bring your family, meet your friends, and help us

celebrate 75 years of academic excellence!

See you soon!

From the desk of

Doug Darling


Lake Region State College

Doug Darling, Ph.D.


Wall of Excellence unveiled,

continued from page 1)

lege in many positive ways.

When the need for an

anchor gift to drive the tech

center project arose, the

Bergstrom family stepped

forward. This special gift

inspired others and helped

the college and foundation

reach the goal of $2 mil-

lion required to capture

the available $1 million in

matching funds. This trans-

formational gift was recog-

nized with the privilege of

naming the building.

“My dad was a huge fan

and supporter of the college

when it first opened,”



Indeed, Bergstrom fam-

ily involvement with LRSC

has been in place since the

beginning when Bill Berg-

strom served on the col-

lege’s first board of trustees.

“This college has such an

impact on this community,”

Renard continued.


we were working on this pro-

ject, we counted up the people

at work who have had a course

or more or a degree from the

college, and it’s more than 60

percent of our team! Everyone

in our family has taken courses

here. When I was in high

school, I took college calcu-

lus from Irv Thompson and

English from Astrid Anderson.

When I went away to college,

my roommate at basic training

was from Georgia and had tak-

en a year from Georgia Tech.

The U.S. Air Force Academy

accepted credits from Lake

Region State College, but it did

not accept them from Georgia


he added.

Donors that sponsored

named learning spaces

were also honored.

Otto Bremer Founda-


Otto Bremer Foun-

dation Patient Simulation


Armen and Connie


Lady Royals Class-


Richard and Kelly Sager

and family—

Harold “Bob”

Sager Classroom

Rick and Boyd LaFluer

and I. F. LaFleur and Son,


LaFleur Family Class-


“It’s exciting to have that

sort of support in the com-


LRSC President

Doug Darling said.

The Bergstrom Tech-

nical Center opened for

classes fall 2014, four

months before the close of

the first legislatively funded

Challenge Match cam-

paign. During this remark-

able, 18-month campaign,

more than 500 of LRSC’s

alumni and friends stepped

forward with generous gifts

to help the college and its

foundation capture the $1

million in matching funds

earmarked for the college.

“A little plus a little equals

a lot, and that is what put

this project together,”


Jeff Wahl, immediate past

president of the Commu-

nity College Foundation.

Another $1 million

Challenge Match Cam-

paign currently is underway

and will continue until

December 31, 2016. Tiles

are available for another

section of the Wall of

Excellence which will be

erected in 2017.

To learn more about the

Challenge Match Cam-

paign, the Wall of Excel-

lence, or other ways you

can support programming

at LRSC, call (701) 662-


We want to hear from you!


n September 22nd, 1941, the college opened its

doors with 32 students. Since that date a large

number of students have entered the doors of Lake Re-

gion State College—or

Lake Region Junior College



Region Community College

, or

UND-Lake Region

. All of

those students, faculty, staff, and volunteers are part of

the Lake Region story and we want to hear from them!

Where are our Lake Region students and graduates


What are they doing now?

What is a favorite memory of attending Lake Re-


Who was an influential staff or faculty member?

How did LRSC impact you?

We want to hear from you, whether you went to Lake

Region or had a child, relative, or friend attend LRSC.

Information can be sent to


look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you

during our anniversary celebration, July 7-9!