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For friends and alumni of Lake Region State College

LRSC Branches

Lake Region State College

Volume 26, Issue 1, Summer 2016

Community College Foundation

Community College Foundation

2016 Board of Directors

Sarah Burdick

Doug Mohr

Patty Bye

Dan Ness

Lexie Dion

Chad Peterson

Allison Dybing Driessen Tony Prozinski

Betth Leevers Dunn

Brian Quam

Trish Hanson

Fred Rance

Jill Hanson

Christy Remmick

Denise Hornstein Jeremy Safranski

Janelle Kurtz

Brenda Swenseth

Andy Lankowicz

Kevin Vistad

Frank Mack

Jeff Wahl

Roger Mertens

Ron Walford

Kathy Miller

Janet Westlind

Mike Yoder

2016 Executive Committee

Chad Peterson........................President

Jeff Wahl.......Immediate Past President

Janelle Kurtz..................Vice President

Jill Hanson..............................Secretary

Doug Mohr..............................Treasurer


Doug Darling

Scott Privratsky

Lee Ann Johnston

Paula Vistad

Danny Mertens

Cheri Weisz


Carla Freschette............... Web Design/

Public Affairs

Laurel Goulding........ Executive Director

Dianne Gunderson........... Publications/

Accounts Management

Jessica Hjelden.......... Records/Support

Corry Kenner......... Assistant Treasurer

Bobbi Lunday......... Assistant Secretary

Elonda Nord......... Grants Management/

Donor Relations

Erin Wood......... Public Affairs Director

It’s time to celebrate!

Be our guest this summer as we celebrate our 75




or 75 years, we have

been the “community’s

college,” serving edu-

cational needs of the Lake

Region community and

beyond. Structured as a

comprehensive community

college, LRSC has touched

many lives—from tradi-

tional high school gradu-

ates starting the path to

a baccalaureate degree

to those seeking skills

needed for quicker

entry into the work-

force as auto techni-

cians, nurses, and in

a variety of skilled

trades. We’ve touched

the lives of soldiers re-

entering civilian life,

of newly single parents

seeking greater earning

power, of workers recover-

ing from injuries that force

the need for new career

paths. So many life stories,

challenges, and successes

are bound into the history

of this great college.

“From day one, we’ve

been a true example of the

community college model,”


plained Dr. Doug Darling,

LRSC president.

“We work

‘with and for’ the community

to meet educational needs.

Our mission statement—We

enhance lives and community

vitality through quality educa-

tion—drives decisions. It sup-

ports the much appreciated

apen-door philosophy that

invites the community to use

campus resources, such as

the auditorium and meeting

rooms for cultural and edu-

cational activities beyond the


Darling contin-


“Seventy-five years ago,

thoughtful community leaders

opened the door to educational

opportunities for the Lake

Region by creating this college.

Now, it’s our turn to nurture

and grow this great institu-


he concluded.

Special activities com-

memorating the anniversa-

ry have been ongoing since

last fall, but July 7, 8,

and 9 will be extra spe-

cial, Dr. Darling said.

Activities will kick

off with the Devils

Lake Area Cham-

ber’s summer movie

series, Thursday, July

7. LRSC will sponsor

the movie



in Roosevelt Park

at dusk. The college’s

Royals mascot,

Louie the


, will be on hand to

entertain before the movie.

Friday, July 8, is the

Booster Club Scramble at

Creel Bay Golf Course.

Registrations are being ac-

cepted at www.lrscroyals.

com. Cost is $50/person

or $200/team. A steak fry

will follow at the Creel Bay


Saturday, July 9, is

filled with activities. Start-

ing at 9:00 am, a 7.5K fun

walk/run will begin and

end at the LRSC campus.

Tours, an open house, and

a picnic will take place

from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

A tribute show and Hall of

Fame inductions will take

place at 2:00 pm in Robert

Fawcett Auditorium.

Campus tours will

be provided, and a few

classrooms will showcase

memoribilia by decade to

spur memories and serve as

gathering places for for-

mer students with shared

memories. The college

is looking for memora-

bilia any alumni or friends

would be willing to lend for

the weekend.

“Please contact us if you

have yearbooks, memorabilia,

Wall of




t was a joyous gath-

ering! Many who

provided support for

instructional programs

and invested in LRSC’s

technical education

center project joined us,

April 27, to formally

unveil the lovely display

of engraved recognition

tiles in the front entry

of the new Bergstrom

Technical Center. The

tiles recognized gifts of

$2,000 and larger. All

gifts for this important

initiative were matched

by the North Dakota

Higher Education Chal-

lenge. The funds will

strengthen instructional

programming all across

campus and enable the

college to upgrade older

sections of the tech cen-

ter complex which were

not included in the origi-

nal, legislatively funded

capital project.

During the program,

Anne-Marit (Mrs. Bill)

Bergstrom and Renard

and Candace Bergstrom

were honored for their

anchor gift to support fa-

cility improvements and

endowments for schol-

arships and program

support. The Bergstrom

family has been involved

with LRSC for genera-

tions. Family members’

participation in gov-

ernance, growth, or

arts/music and general

education programming

has impacted the col-


It’s time to celebrate,


tinued on page 5.)


Wall of Excellence,


tinued on page 2)

Renard and Candace Bergstrom being recognized by President Darling for their support for

the Bergstrom Technical Center. See “Wall of Excellence unveiled” at right.

“This college

has such an

impact on this

community” says

Renard Bergstrom