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Evidence of meningococcal
immunization for new students entering
Blood testing which proves immunity
A birth date prior to 1957.
Exceptions to the policy may be granted
only when a licensed physician certifies
that a student should not be immunized for
measles, mumps, or rubella, or if a student’s
religion prohibits immunization. A complete
copy of this policy is available in the Student
Services Office.
Emergency Notifications -
All North
Dakota University System campuses,
including Lake Region State College, provide
campus-wide emergency notifications. In the
event of a threat, such as weather warnings,
police or fire emergencies, alerts will be
sent directly to the student via voice mail,
email and/or text message. All registered
students are automatically enrolled, but it is
important to keep your contact information
updated in Campus Connection.
Privacy of Records (FERPA)
- The
disclosure of student educational records
is governed by policies developed by
Lake Region State College in compliance
with state law and the Family Educational
Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended
(FERPA). Lake Region State College
maintains the following educational records
that contain information directly related to
Application material submitted by the
student or sent at the student’s request
Financial Aid material submitted by the
student or sent at the student’s request
Account payment cards and receipts
Records pertaining to academic
or training achievement including
transcripts and grade reports
Instructor recommendations
Student records are on file in appropriate
Lake Region State College offices and are
accessible only to persons having legitimate
interests as defined in Public Law 93-380.
The content of each record falls into one of
two categories: public directory information
and non-public information. Non-public
student record information may not be
released without written consent from the
student or from a parent of a dependent
student. As allowed by law, the college may
release the public directory information
listed here:
Name, addresses and telephone listings
Name and address of parents
Date and place of birth
Major field of study
Participation in officially recognized
Weight and height of members of
athletic teams
Dates of attendance
Degrees and awards received
Most recent previous institution
Classification as freshman or sophomore
or special student
Email addresses
Directory information concerning a particular
student will be removed from release upon
written request from the student involved
within 14 days of the beginning of a
semester. Education records concerning a
student may be reviewed upon request by
the student. Education records, including
but not limited to a student’s academic
transcript, may be released by a North
Dakota University System (NDUS) institution
to a second institution without prior written
consent, provided the student applied for
admission. Additional information on student
records management may be obtained by
contacting the Student Affairs office.
Safety -
Many students and their families
are concerned about safety on a college
campus. Lake Region State College
understands that concern and accepts its
responsibility to employ safety measures
Student Information
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