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Lake Region State College
LRSC History
Lake Region State College, located in
northeastern North Dakota, is a two-year
community college founded in the fall of
1941 as an extension of the public school
system of Devils Lake. Known as Devils Lake
Junior College and Business School, the
college developed gradually over the next
two decades into a junior college offering
liberal arts and business programs.
Since 1959, the college has received support
from the Community College Foundation,
a group of local citizens dedicated to the
advancement of the college. Their support
includes funds for scholarships, construction
and renovations, endowments, athletics,
and staff development programs. In 1960,
the college was renamed Lake Region Junior
In the early 1960’s, a dramatic change
occurred in the mission and size of the
institution. In response to regional economic
needs, a wide variety of technical and
career-oriented programs were introduced.
At the same time, the college preparatory
program developed considerably to
meet standards acceptable for transfer
to baccalaureate-granting colleges and
Rapid increases in enrollment resulted in a
building project, and the college moved to
its present campus in 1966—a one-story,
two-building complex. Skillfully designed
for the northern climate, the classrooms,
residence halls, library, student union,
recreation room and gymnasium are all
under one roof. Several additions have been
added to the original structures.
The name of the college was changed from
Junior to Community College in August of
1981. On July 1, 1984, the college joined
the North Dakota state system of higher
education. Administrative supervision was
transferred to the North Dakota State
College of Science in Wahpeton in 1985.
The college became affiliated with the
University of North Dakota in 1987,
operating as a branch campus under the
name of UND - Lake Region. It maintained
that affiliation until July 1, 1999, when the
college attained independent status within
the North Dakota University System as
Lake Region State College, charged with
addressing workforce training needs in the
northeast region of North Dakota along with
academic, career and technical education,
outreach, and life-long learning. This change
was interpreted as a vote of confidence,
providing recognition and autonomy
on par with other independent colleges
within the University System. Lake Region
State College now reports directly to the
University System Chancellor and the State
Board of Higher Education.
In 2013, a project was funded for technical
education. The project included a suite of
new classrooms, new mechanical systems,
and improvements to the educational
resources and classsroom areas in the
existing Erlandson Building. Opened
in September 2014, the new technical
education center was named Bergstrom
Technical Center.
Our Campus
Recognizing the weather conditions of
North Dakota, the planners of Lake Region
State College designed a central campus
where students have access to residence
halls, dining, student union, recreation
room, bookstore, library, auditorium,
gymnasium, computer labs, academic
classrooms, and some technical classrooms
without going outside. The new Bergstrom
Technical Center is a short walk from the
main building. Passages are ramped and
multiple story areas of the main campus are
equipped with elevators for the convenience
of students and others with disabilities.
Precision Agriculture students have a
majority of classes at the Dakota Precision
Ag Center, sometimes called North Campus,
because it is located 1.5 miles north of the
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