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Life-Long Learning
Adult Learning Center -
The Adult
Learning Center (ALC) provides free
individualized instruction to students who
are not enrolled in college, but who wish
to improve their achievement level in basic
skills. Students learn basic reading, math
and English skills. Many students achieve
a level that enables them to complete the
General Educational Development (GED)
test successfully. Students who achieve a
passing score on the GED test receive a high
school equivalency certificate. The certificate
is a requirement that must be met prior to
enrollment in college. Students may design
their own schedules to accommodate jobs
and other responsibilities. The ALC can
be reached at 701-662-1568 or 701-662-
1536. Adult Learning Centers are funded
with State and Federal Adult Education and
Literacy Grants through the ND Department
of Public Instruction.
Career Resources -
The Career Library
directly reinforces the professional
assistance offered through the Counseling
Office. Students have access to a
computerized guidance system, interest
and aptitude testing, and a career/
transfer resource library containing current
educational and technical resources.
College for Kids -
College for Kids is a fun,
enriching summer program that encourages
children to use their imaginations, ask
questions, think creatively, experiment,
meet new friends and experience a taste of
college. The courses are designed to be fun
and educational.
Community Education -
education is non-credit courses offered
for skill development, social activity or life
enrichment. These courses are less costly
than credit courses and are offered in a
shorter time frame allowing participants
to learn a subject without dealing with
“homework” or worrying about getting
and Universities at the request of the
U.S. Army to better serve Army enlisted
personnel. Lake Region State College and
other participating colleges in the Network
offer a flexible degree program in General
Studies. Military personnel can complete
degree requirements by taking courses at
other Network colleges.
Launch! -
Students who are not yet eligible
for University of North Dakota (UND)
admission may participate in this partnership
between Lake Region State College (LRSC)
and UND. Launch! is a program for these
students to participate in UND student and
academic life.
Launch! propels students to achieve their
college goals. Participants fully experience
the UND student life, services, organizations,
facilities and activities available to UND
students. Additionally, Launch! students
enjoy the benefit of heightened academic
support and unmatched personal attention.
Online -
Many online courses and degree
programs are available. These programs
include Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal
Arts, Associate in Arts Degree in Business
Administration, and many Associate in
Science Degrees including: Early Childhood
Education, Fitness Trainer Technician,
Law Enforcement, Marketing, and Speech
Language Pathology Paraprofessional.
Blackboard is the Learning Management
System (LMS) used for the online courses.
Outreach Services -
Online tutoring
services are available for LRSC students
in a partnership with Smarthinking. The
Smarthinking Online Tutoring Service
provides students with assistance in many
subject areas including, but not limited to:
English and Writing, Mathematics (Algebra,
Calculus adn Statistics), Science (Biology,
Chemistry and Physics) and Business
(Accounting and Economics).
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