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Lake Region State College
upon graduation. Other services that can
be accessed include American College
Testing (ACT) and College Level Examination
Program (CLEP) information.
Information Technology Services -
Lake Region State College’s Information
Technology Services (ITS) emphasize
student and faculty centeredness.
Convenience and easy access to information
are high priorities. College information is
posted on the LRSC website.
Students are provided a computer account
allowing access to technology resources.
Campus email accounts are set up for all
students whitch provides students with the
full Microsoft Office Suite and file storage.
Wireless access is available campus-
wide, including residence halls. There are
computer classrooms located in the business
wing and academic wing. These computer
classrooms may be used by students when
classes are not in session. The New Horizons
Lab, located near the library, is available 24
hours a day, seven days a week.The college
also maintains several laptop computer carts
for student use in the classrooms.
Technology staff is available to provide
network support, user access and technical
assistance to students.
ITS supports more than 900 computers
linked via a Campus Area Network (CAN)
and an encrypted wireless data network
based on 802.11 a/b/g/n technology.
Through state-of-the-art fiber optic and
communication technology, computing
facilities are linked to the North Dakota
Higher Education Network.
Library -
The Paul Hoghaug Library, located
near the south parking lot in the main
building, serves as a reference and research
center for students, faculty and residents
of surrounding communities. Its collection
consists of 48,000 books, including more
than 18,000 electronic books (downloadable
through Ebscohost and Overdrive),
audio-visual materials, newspapers and
periodicals. A Native American studies
collection, nursing resources, study room
and referece materials both paper and
electronic support all college curricula. Of
special note is the library’s unique collection
of regional history housed in the Collinson
Room and the college’s archives. The
library is an excellent resource for all types
of research providing numerous full text
databases. The library subscribes to Credo
Reference eLibrary, World Cat, Facts on File,
Global Warrior, Thompson/Gale, Ebsco and
Proquest databases.
All materials can be accessed from the
online catalog system through Online Dakota
Information Network (ODIN). Students
can access materials while in class, in their
dorm room, or off campus. Through the
ODIN interlibrary loan feature, students
may request materials owned by more than
90 other North Dakota libraries. Students
may access materials using their student ID
number as their login and last name as their
Bookstore -
The bookstore carries all
required textbooks needed for classes
offered at Lake Region State College
on-campus, Grand Forks Air Force Base,
online, Launch!, dual credit and hometown
university. The bookstore has all required
materials for each course posted on its
website at least 30 days prior to the first day
of class. The bookstore also carries school
supplies, health and beauty items, fast
food, clothing, greeting cards, balloons, and
novelty items. Other services the bookstore
offers include graduation regalia, postage
stamps, UPS pick-up and delivery and gift
The bookstore accepts R-Bucks, cash,
personal checks, money orders, VISA,
Discover and Master Card. Other charging is
allowed one week prior to the beginning of
each semester with prior notification from
the Business Office or third-party pay or
agency funding.
Student Information
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