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Richard D. Knoke Leadership
Award -
The Richard D. Knoke Award
for Outstanding Leadership is provided
through a memorial established in 1966
by his wife, children and parents. The
recipient of each year’s award will be
selected by a faculty, staff and student
committee on the basis of student
leadership in the Student Senate or in
other student organizations.
Glenn H. Larson Memorial Drama
Award -
The Glenn H. Larson Memorial
Drama Award is presented to a student
who is selected by a faculty committee
for having made the greatest contribution
to drama in the Lake Region during the
previous year.
Lloyd Jones Memorial Music Award -
The Lloyd Jones Memorial Music Award is
presented to the sophomore student who
provides outstanding leadership in music.
English Department Writing Excellence
The English Department Writing
Excellence Award was established in 1997 and
is presented to any full- or part-time student
at Lake Region State College for excellence
in writing. Students submit writings of any
genre and of any length, which are juried
by a three-person panel. The winner makes
a public presentation of the writing and is
featured in “Shorelines”, the College’s annual
magazine of the arts.
Academic Services
Helping students succeed is our number one
priority. Lake Region State College provides
educational outreach and life-long learning
opportunities that encourage students to
reach beyond their limitations.
New Student Orientation -
orientation process begins when students
are invited to participate in the New Student
Registration Day. ACT test scores, the results
of alternative testing, and high school
grades are used by advisors in a personal
session to help prepare a plan of study
consistent with each student’s individual
needs, interests and abilities.
New students are also required to
attend an orientation program provided
the weekend before classes begin.
Advisement -
Lake Region State
College is committed to providing all
students with a series of advisement
services that begin as soon as they are
accepted and continue through to the
time of job placement or transfer to
another institution.
Each degree-seeking student is
assigned an advisor who serves as a
guide in the student’s progress. LRSC
encourages continuing communication
between advisor and student to
enhance the advisement process.
The student has final responsibility to
meet the stated requirements for the
degree sought as listed in the catalog or
supplemental fact sheet.
Registration -
Registration is the
student’s personal responsibility.
Students are encouraged to utilize
additional advisement resources
including academic and career
counseling, a comprehensive career and
transfer library, and/or a computerized
guidance system.
Counseling Office -
The Counseling
Office provides a setting in which students
may explore academic, career, technical
and personal concerns in confidence.
Professional assistance is offered in
areas of adjustment to college life, self
esteem, interpersonal relationships, goal
setting, decision making, career selection,
study skills and test anxiety. Referrals
to appropriate community agencies are
arranged when necessary. The Counseling
Office is responsible for directing student
academic advisement on campus and
works directly with transfer students who
are planning to attend four-year colleges
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