2017-2019 College Catalog-complete1 - page 29

Wind Energy
Haugen, Greg Memorial
Otter Tail Power Company
Writing Excellence
Pine, Anita and Louis Memorial
General Scholarships
Academic Excellence
Pearson Family Scholarship
Student Support Services
Berg, Merril and Dorothy Trust
Jerome, Peter and Pamela
Helping Hands Fund
Nistler, Keith Thomas
Family of LRSC Employee
Campus Clan & Kin Fund
American Association of University
Women Scholarship
Business and Professional Women*
Business Linkage
Leevers Family Scholarship*
Montana Dakota Utilities
North Dakota Telephone Company
Ramsey National Bank
Students Facing Barriers
Altringer Family
Erlandson, Clarence and Ruth
Haugen, Rodger and Connie Memorial
Hahn, Everette A.
Lions Club of Devils Lake
Mahoney, Dr. James Memorial
Pearson Family
Wakefield, Daniel and Victoria
Student Information
American Legion #86
Dakota Bull Session
Kraft, Todd Memorial
Slag, Mike Memorial
Wakeford, H.K. (Kent)
Heustis, Kathlyn Memorial
Horner, Andy
Jones, Lloyd and Lois
Oehlsen, Arnold and Dorthy
Pine, Anita and Louis
Peace Officer Training
Pascal, Valence Memorial
Health Care
Born Cavallo, Art and Brigitte
Bryn, Colleen
Cutler-Maetzold Family
Hanson, Rudolph and Anne
Hofstad, Annette and Curtis
JANS, Jan’s Annual
Johnson, Murray and Beth
Lafleur, Izzy and Gwenn
McCaughey, Teresa Herda Memorial
Nienhuis, David and Jamie
Oehlke, Herman and Emma
Peterson, Melvin and Margaret
Simulation Technology
Carpenter, Edwin L. Endowment
Vice Admiral John S. Disher
Speech Language Pathology
North Dakota Department of Public
Instruction Scholarships
Technology Careers
Calderwood, Patricia & Willis
Clemenson, Clifford G. & Ann
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