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Students who are required to withdraw from
LRSC after the financial aid census date for
military reasons may be placed on Financial
Aid Warning or Disqualification. The student
should contact the Financial Aid Office
to resolve any negative SAP status that
resulted from their deployment.
Notification Process
The student will receive a written notification
of their Satisfactory Academic Progress
Warning and/or Disqualification status at
the end of each semester after grades are
posted. Applicable holds will be added to the
student’s Campus Connection hold list.
Appeal Procedures
Financial aid appeal is the process by which
a student who is not meeting SAP standards
petitions the institution for reconsideration
of eligibility for title IV financial aid. Title
IV financial aid includes Federal Pell Grant,
Teach Grant, SEOG Grant, WorkStudy,
Perkins Loan, Direct Loans and Direct PLUS
Loans. Students who fail one or more of the
three measures of SAP are not eligible for
federal, state and institutional financial aid
However, students failing SAP standard who
had mitigating circumstance, such as death
in the family, illness, involuntary military
leave, etc., may request reinstatement of
their financial aid eligibility by completing
the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
Form. Contact the Financial Aid Office for an
appeal form or access the form on the LRSC
The appeal should include:
1. Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
2. Documentation to support the reason
for failure should be included with the
appeal form.
3. A copy of the Academic Plan of Study,
signed by the student’s advisor, must be
Financial Aid Committee and Decision
SAP Appeals will be handled on an individual
basis. If the Director approves the petition,
the student will be deemed to be making a
satisfactory rate of progress for a period not
to exceed one year. If during this time the
student meets the established standards,
satisfactory progress will be re-established.
Students will be notified of the decision in
writing within 30 days.
Appeal of a denied petition may be made
in writing to the Vice President of Student
Affairs within 15 days of the notification
of denial. The request will be taken to the
Financial Aid Committee who renders a final
decision on all appeals within 30 days of
receipt of the written appeal. If the appeal
is approved, the student will be deemed to
be making satisfactory academic progress
for a period not to exceed one year. If
during this time the student meets the
established standards, satisfactory academic
progress will be reestablished.The decision
of the Financial Aid Committee will be final.
To apply for scholarships at Lake
Region State College, complete the
scholarship application available in the
Student Services Office or on the LRSC
website. Preference is given to students
who submit completed scholarship
applications by March 1; however,
applications are accepted after that
date. Additional external scholarships
may be available and will require
separate applications, available in the
Financial Aid Office.
Cultural Diversity Waivers -
Up to
26 partial tuition waivers are available
to members of culturally diverse groups,
with special emphasis on service to
Native American students. Recipients
must assist with campus initiatives and
encourage multicultural understanding.
International Scholar -
scholarships reduce tuition for students
who meet eligibility criteria and live
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