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Lake Region State College
Financial Aid Disqualification status is
assigned to a student who fails to make SAP
or does not fulfill the requirements set forth
in his or her academic plan of study when
placed on Financial Aid Probation. A student
who is placed on Financial Aid Suspension
may only receive financial aid if the student
reestablishes eligibility by meeting the
standards set forth in this policy.
Financial Aid Probation
Financial Aid Probation status is assigned to
a student who has been placed on financial
aid disqualification and who has successfully
appealed and has had eligibility for financial
aid reinstated. A student who is placed
on financial aid probation may receive
financial aid for one subsequent semester.
They may be required to meet certain
terms and conditions while on financial aid
probation, such as taking a reduced course
load or taking specific courses. A student
assigned a Financial Aid Probation status
will be required to submit an Academic
Plan of Study, signed by an advisor. At the
conclusion of the financial aid probation
period, the student must either meet the
SAP standards or fulfill the requirements
specified in the SAP Academic Plan of Study.
Financial Aid Census Date
The financial aid census date is the first day
after the last day to drop/add classes at
100% refund and is the date the financial
aid office uses to lock in the enrollment
status. Financial aid census date is the
calendar date that corresponds to 8.99% of
the semester.
Unofficial Withdrawals
Students who receive all failing or
incomplete grades in a semester are
considered to have unofficially withdrawn
from the college and are immediately placed
on Financial Aid Disqualification. This will
be disqualification without a warning period
first. Federal regulations require that a
refund calculation be done for all students
receiving state and federal funds, unless the
institution can document an official last date
of attendance beyond the 60% point in one
of the student’s classes. The calculation
and return of these funds may result in
the student owing a balance to the college
and/or the U.S. Department of Education.
Pell recipients whose class activity cannot
be verified may have to pay back all or a
portion of their grant.
Successful Completion
Successfully completed credit hours
include grades of A, B C, D or S. Credit
hours that are not considered successfully
completed include blank grades, F (Fail),
W (Withdrawal), U (Unsatisfactory) and I
(Incomplete). Unsuccessfully completed
hours are included as attempted hours.
Dropped Courses and Official
Classes that a student drops or withdraws
from count toward the cumulative credits
attempted if they are dropped or withdrawn
from on or after the financial aid census
Repeated Courses
If a student has successfully completed
a course and wishes to retake the course
for a higher grade, the course can only be
included in the enrollment status once more
for financial aid purposes. Failed courses
may be repeated and counted towards
student’s enrollment status until it is passed.
The repeated course would be counted as
attempted credits.
Transfer credits/Major changes
Students who have changed their major, are
pursuing a second degree, or are transfer
students are more likely to reach the
maximum time frame. If a student changes
majors or has transfer credits, the credits
earned will be included in the calculation
of attempted credits, earned credits and
maximum time frame. Through the appeal
process the Financial Aid Office can adjust
the maximum number of credits they are
allowed to attempt in the pursuit of their
degree. The student will be required to
submit an academic plan that has been
approved by an advisor.
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