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Lake Region State College
on eligibility requirements, contact a local
National Guard unit or the Office of Adjutant
General, ATTN: MPO, P.O. Box 5511,
Bismarck, ND 58506-5511.
Veterans Administration (VA)
Benefits -
Veterans may be able to receive
special educational assistance. Benefits
have also been extended to children, wives
and widows of deceased or permanently
and totally disabled veterans. The Student
Services office can assist with VA-
related questions. Applications and more
information can also be obtained from any
Veterans Administration Regional Office.
Vocational Rehabilitation -
with physical limitations or health problems
may be entitled to certain benefits such as
tuition, fees and textbook reimbursement.
Interested students should communicate
with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
at the nearest district or regional office.
Waivers -
A limited number of waivers are
available annually for Cultural Diversity, and
International Students. Contact the Financial
Aid Office for more information.
Lender Reference List -
Lake Region
State College respects a student’s right to
choose their own lender for the purpose
of obtaining a student loan. LRSC also
recognizes that a student may need
assistance when asked for a name of
a lender. To provide that assistance,
the Financial Aid Office has developed
a reference list of some lenders that
have made loans to our students in the
past. Students are reminded that the list
provided is a partial list and that lender
websites should be visited in order to
make an informed decision. The LRSC
Lender Reference List is managed and
distributed online by a maintenance
application provided by Education Assistance
Corporation. This application allows for
a random viewing which is the viewing
method used for this list.
Lenders on this partial list were selected
because they have met most of the
following criteria determined to meet the
needs of students:
serve local students as a local lender
provide excellent customer service
have maintained a good working rela-
tionship with the Financial Aid Office
are members of the ND Association of
Student Financial Aid Administrators
Since repayment benefits offered by lenders
change often, the student is encouraged
to do their own research to determine
which lender provides the benefits that fit
well for that particular student. It is felt
that the student and the parent(s) are
in the best position to decide which loan
terms and conditions most benefit them.
The purpose of providing a reference list
of lenders is to help students understand
what a lender is and that there are many
options to consider in making their choice.
The Financial Aid Office is monitoring events
and information occurring on a national
level and in Congress. The method used at
LRSC to provide a reference list of lenders
may change at any time depending on
congressional action and/or Department
of Education guidance concerning student
The Financial Aid Office follows ethical
procedures and practices in working with
student loans and the lenders and service
agencies that provide them. The Financial
Aid Office does not:
make automatic referrals to specific
deny application with any participating
create an unreasonable delay in pro-
cessing applications with any lender
Lender visits and gifts of nominal value
that are offered may be accepted. Under
no circumstance are lender offers to be
accepted in exchange for preferring any
particular lender. Lake Region State College
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