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Lake Region State College
hours and other fees dropped below 16
semester hours).
Class Substitutions -
After the 9% period
of the term, classes of the same or fewer
credits may be substituted for the dropped
class without incurring additional charges,
except, in certain instances, special course
fees associated with the added class or
Substituting a dropped class with an added
class is allowed only within the same
location and session at the same institution.
Otherwise, the student will be responsible to
pay for both classes.
Residence Requirement -
State law
defines residence as “the place where one
remains when not called elsewhere for labor
or other special or temporary purpose and
to which he returns in seasons of repose.”
The law further states an adult must make
their permanent home in North Dakota
for 12 consecutive months to meet time
requirements for residency. Since attendance
at an institution of higher education is
normally considered a “special or temporary
purpose,” students entering Lake Region
State College from other states will not
acquire North Dakota residency simply by
attendance at the college.
Reciprocity for Minnesota Residents -
Action taken by Minnesota and North Dakota
legislatures allows residents of Minnesota to
attend state supported institutions of higher
education in North Dakota at special rates.
Approval by the authorized agency of the
student’s home state is required. Minnesota
residents may obtain the Application
for Reciprocity by contacting the Higher
Education Coordinating Board. Application
should be made at least six weeks prior to
the beginning of the semester a student
wishes to enroll.
Contiguous States and Provinces
Residents of South Dakota, Montana,
Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are not
covered by reciprocity agreements; they pay
North Dakota resident rates.
Midwest Higher Education Consor-
tium -
Lake Region State College
participates in the Midwest Higher Education
Consortium (MHEC) program. Students may
enroll in designated programs at selected
institutions in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,
Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin at a
special tuition level.
Western Undergraduate Exchange
Program -
Lake Region State College
participates in the Western Undergraduate
Exchange (WUE) program. Students may
enroll in designated programs at selected
institutions in Alaska, Arizona, California,
Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah,
Washington, Wyoming and Northern Mariana
Islands at a special tuition level. Those
attending Lake Region State College under
the WUE program pay the North Dakota
resident rate.
Financial Aid
Student Financial Aid -
Is available to
eligible students who, without such help,
would be unable to attend Lake Region
State College. It is the goal of Lake
Region State College to provide adequate
financial assistance to all students who
demonstrate financial need. However,
the primary responsibility for financing a
college education rests with the student and
family. Assistance offered by colleges, the
government and other sources is viewed as
supplemental to the efforts of the student
and family.
How to Apply -
For more information about federal financial
aid go to
. In order
to determine eligibility for federal financial
assistance, a student must complete the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) available at
. The
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