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Payment of Tuition and Fees -
All tuition,
fees, room and board are payable in full
each semester on an announced schedule.
Registrations will be cancelled if payment
is not received by the 12
day of class as
per State Board of Higher Education policy.
Students who have any financial obligations
to the college will be prevented from
registering until their bills are paid.
Refund Policy - Complete Withdrawals
Any student who officially withdraws
shall receive a refund of tuition and
fees, room and board in accordance
with North Dakota University System
Policy 830.2.
A student must withdraw officially from
college within the stated refund period
to be eligible for a tuition and fees
Students who discontinue attending
classes must initiate and complete the
formal withdrawal process to avoid
failing grades
A completed withdrawal form must be
submitted online. The withdrawal form
is available on the LRSC website.
A refund may be processed for room
and board contracts when a student
officially withdraws from college
Completed room check-out forms must
be submitted to the Business Office
before any refund will process.No
refunds will be made to a student who
is suspended, dismissed or expelled for
breach of discipline.
If a student is due a refund and has
received financial aid, the institutional
refunds will be used to reimburse Title
IV financial aid.
If the amount of a student’s refund
is less than the total amount the
institution is responsible for returning to
the Title IV financial aid programs, the
student will be billed by the institution
for the difference.
Students who receive Title IV financial
aid and receive all failing grades for
the semester will be responsible for
repaying all unearned financial aid
Unless a student withdraws from
college, room or board contract releases
will only be granted under special
circumstances. Requests for such
releases must be submitted in writing to
the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
If a resident requests and receives a
room contract release, room and board
refunds will be calculated on a per
month basis; however any used portion
of a month requires a full month’s
If a resident is required to leave the
residence halls for disciplinary reasons,
she/he will not be entitled to a room or
board refund.
Late Fees -
Tuition and fees are due 12
days after a class begins. Students with a
past due balance will be charged a late fee
of 1.75%.
To avoid a late fee you can:
• Pay the balance due on your account
prior to the due date.
• Keep your payments current for those
that are on an approved payment plan.
If the payments on your payment plan
are late you will be charged a late fee.
Refund Policy - Class Changes (Drop/
Add) -
North Dakota University System
Policy 830.2 states that any student who
drops a class within the first 9% of calendar
days of the term will receive a 100%
refund of tuition & fees for the credit hours
attributable to the class or classes dropped.
There will be no refund for a class dropped
after that period. Likewise, any student who
has not paid for a class and drops the class
after the 9% period will still be charged
for the full cost of the class. (This section
applies only to tuition and the ConnectND
fee for hours dropped below 12 semester
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