2017-2019 College Catalog-complete1 - page 128

Lake Region State College
Dr. Randy Fixen
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Lisa Ginther
Instructor, American Sign Language
A.A.S. Lake Region State College
Kay Grinsteinner, CPA
Accounting/Business Admn
B.S. Northern State University
Jeremiah Halley
Farm Management Instructor
Katherine Halvorson
Program Manager, Paramedic to Nursing
Nursing Instructor
M.S.N./N.E.D. University of Phoenix
Barbara Haugland
Instructor, Nursing
B.S.N. University of Mary
*Erica Hicks
M.S. Chemistry
University of North Dakota
*Charles Huhtala
Instructor, Mathematics
M.S. University of North Dakota
Daniel Johnson
Professor, Mathematics
M.S. Ed. Minnesota State Moorhead
ay Johnson
Instructor, Wind Energy
M.A. University of North Dakota
*Scott Berge
Instructor, Biology
M.S.B. Washington University
Tracy Bina
Instructor, Nursing
B.S.N. University of Mary
Kory Boehmer
Professor, Science
M.S. University of North Dakota
Cindy Brown
Assistant Professor, Marketing
M. Ed. North Dakota State University
Kimberly Brown
Assistant Professor, Nursing
M.S. Univeristy of North Dakota
Marilyn Buresh
Professor, History and Political Science
M.Ed. University of North Dakota
Deborah Carlson
Assistant Professor, Visual Arts
B.A. Gustavus Adolphus College
B.S. Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle
Karen Clementich
Nursing Program Director
Assistant Professor, Nursing
M.S. University of North Dakota
Richard Drury
Instructor, Simulator Technician
Dr. Jason Fewell
Instructor, Adult Farm Management
Ph.D. Kansas State University
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