2017-2019 College Catalog-complete1 - page 123

WNDT 220 Inventory
Provides students with an understand-
ing of wind site inventory control concepts
and practices including theories and best
practices of purchasing, receiving, shipping,
storage and picking. (2 cr)
WNDT 230 Advanced Troubleshooting
This course provides students an oppor-
tunity to continue to develop greater wind
turbine system and component understand-
ing. Much of the course will be spent in the
actual environment of a turbine. Course
includes training on pad mount transformer
switching and related high voltage safety
gear. (3 cr)
WNDT 235 Fault Analysis and Quality
This course offers students an opportunity
to consider fault trends across site fleets.
Students will then be introduced to quality
improvement reporting and use the knowl-
edge to construct a site specific quality
improvement report based on collected data.
(4 cr)
WNDT 240 Programmable Logic Con-
Students will learn the operations and basic
troubleshooting of programmable logic con-
trollers including basic ladder programming
and input and output concepts. (2 cr)
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