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Lake Region State College
WELD 108
Symbols for Welding Blueprints
Basic course in graphics and study of weld-
ing symbols. (3 cr)
WELD 299 Special Topics
Students work on projects selected accord-
ing to student interest. Approval of instruc-
tor. (1-6 cr)
WNDT 100 Electricity I
Introduction to electricity and electrical
generation. Includes a survey of electri-
cal concepts from atoms and electrons to
doubly fed induction generators. Studies
of direct current and circuit analysis with a
focus on Ohm’s law and alternating current
including magnetism, inductance and rotat-
ing machines. (5 cr)
WNDT 101
Introduction to Wind Operations
Introduction to wind turbine generator sys-
tems, operational control of those systems
and wind site operations including an intro-
duction to turbine technician’s roles and job
duties. (3 cr)
WNDT 110 Wind Turbine Safety
Study of the skills required to safety access
and preform wind technician duties within
a wind turbine generator. Topics includes
practical training in fall protection, ladder
and nacelle rescue. Provides an introduction
to the OSHA Power Generation Standard,
National Fire Protection Association 70E
with an emphasis on lock out tag out skills,
hazardous energy control techniques and
a general understanding of how a culture
of safety affects activities within wind site
operations. (3 cr)
WNDT 150 Hydraulic Fundamentals
troduction to basic principles of fluid power.
Subjects include theory, generation, storage
and use of hydraulic energy. Includes study
of flow rates, velocity, pressure, hydraulic
components and circuit design. (2 cr)
WNDT 200 Electricity II
Continued study of alternating current from
WNDT 100. Emphasizes three phase power,
alternating current motors and genera-
tors and resistive inductive and resistive
capacitive circuits. Includes study of power
generation transmission and distribution
methods. (5 cr)
WNDT 201 Wind Operations: Trouble-
shooting and Maintenance
A detailed study and application of the
duties required to complete a yearly or semi-
annual maintenance procedures for a wind
turbine generator. Students will spend con-
siderable time within a wind turbine genera-
tor and carry out the required maintenance
activity for that turbine. Introduces students
to wind turbine generator schematic read-
ing and required record keeping of turbine
maintenance activities. (2 cr)
WNDT 205 Motors and Generator
Continuation of alternating current concepts.
Provides a practical understanding of motor
control wiring including interlocked circuits
and motor starters. Includes a study of
alternating current motors both single phase
and three phase and generators and a study
of doubly fed induction generators. (2 cr)
WNDT 215 Operations and Mainte-
nance Site Support
A detailed study and application of the
duties required to complete yearly or
semi-annual maintenance procedures for a
wind turbine generator. Students will spend
considerable time within a wind turbine
generator and carry out the required main-
tenance activity for that turbine. Introduces
students to procedure writing, transformer
switching and grounding, balance of plant
underground feeder systems, rigging and
underground power line locating methods.
(2 cr)
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