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TECH 238 Basic Welding
Broad overview of safe work habits and safe
working conditions for welding as well as the
basic principles and practices in the funda-
mentals of shielded metal arc welding and
oxy-acetylene gas welding. (2‑5 cr)
TECH 299 Special Topics
Students work on projects to increase their
knowledge in a special area. Approval of
instructor. (2‑5 cr)
THEA—Theatre Arts
THEA 161 Acting I
Basic principles of acting with emphasis on
movement; basic character development
through improvisation and script. (3 cr)
THEA 201 Theater Practicum
Projects in all areas from acting in a produc-
tion to technical areas, such as lighting,
makeup, planning, publicity, and set con-
struction. Approval of instructor. Maximum
of four semester hours. (1 cr)
THEA 251 Summer Theater
Alignment with a summer production
performed by the Fort Totten Little The-
ater. Students meet with the instructor and
devise an individual plan of activity that may
include acting or working on the technical
side. (1-3 cr)
THEA 299 Special Topics
Instruction in various topics based on the
needs and/or interest of students. (1-12 cr)
UNIV 101
Introduction to College Life
Introduction to skills needed to succeed in
college lectures, in-class exercises, com-
munication with instructors and each other;
understanding videos, guest speakers, learn-
ing modules, and textbooks. (1 cr)
WELD 100 Orientation and Safety
Broad overview of the various welding and
machining processes as well as their applica-
tions; development of safe working habits
and safe working conditions in the Welding
and Machine Trades. (3 cr)
WELD 101 Introduction to Welding,
Brazing, Cutting
Course on oxy-acetylene welding, flame
cutting, brazing, hard surfacing and safety.
Development of the manual skills necessary
to produce high quality mild steel fillet and
square groove welds and carbon steel pipe
welds in all positions. Related information
provided through lectures and audio visual
material. (3 cr)
WELD 102
Testing OA in Welding/Brazing
Continuation of WELD 101. (3 cr)
WELD 103 GMA & FCA Welding
Course on thorough technical understanding
of welding safety, gas metal arc welding fun-
damentals, gas metal arc equipment adjust-
ments, metal transfer, and shielding gases.
Development of manual skils necessary to
make high quality gas metal arc welds in all
positions. (3 cr)
WELD 104 SMA Welding I
Course on thorough understanding of arc
welding fundamentals, welding safety, arc
welding machines, electrode selections and
classifications. Development of manual skills
necessary to make high quality welds in all
positions on mild steel. (3 cr)
WELD 105 SMA Welding II
Continuation of WELD 104. (3 cr)
WELD 106 GTA & PA Welding
Course on thorough technical understanding
of gas tungsten arc welding fundamentals,
arc characteristics, and welding safety.
Development of the skills necessary to make
high-quality welds in all positions. (3 cr)
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