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Lake Region State College
Tuition and Fees
College Expenses -
Basic costs usually
fall into four categories: tuition and fees,
housing and meals, books and supplies, and
incidental or personal expenses. All rates are
subject to change without notice. New rates
are established each July for the upcoming
academic year. Check the LRSC website for
updated information.
The following information contains estimates
only. Tuition and fees vary for different
programs and different types of housing.
Also, totals do not include expenditures for
personal expenses such as transportation,
weekend meals, clothing, laundry, etc. In
estimating expenses, all of the above need
to be considered.
Classes from LRSC are offered in a variety
of formats and locations, i.e. on-campus,
online, Grand Forks Air Force Base,
Interactive Video Network, collaboratively
with other institutions, dual credit at various
school districts, etc. The method of class
delivery and, in some instances, the delivery
location, has a direct bearing on the tuition
and fee rates charged. Students may
register in more than one type of tuition
and fee scenario at a time, but charges
are calculated separately for each scenario
and each scenario, except online, has a
maximum tuition charge of 12 credit hours.
Estimated Expenses (2017-2018)
(For resident, full time, on campus
student, double room, 10 meal plan)
Room & Meal Plan 5,750.00
Books & Supplies
Personal Expenses
Miscellaneous Fees:
(may not apply to all students)
$35 non-refundable one-time application fee
Class Articulation Fee - $5 per credit
Class Audit Fee - Regular tuition, lab, class
and distance delivery fees. Note: senior
citizens (65+) may audit classes (excluding
online) free of tuition; however, all fees must
be paid.
Class Challenge Fee - $5 per class plus 50%
of regular tuition
Dakota Nursing Fee - $400/semester ($800
annual total for ADRN; $1,200 annual total
for PN)
Electrical outlet and reserved parking - $100/
year limited availability
Housing Application Fee - $50
IVN Distance Ed Fee - $25 per credit
Precision Agriculture Program Fee - $500/
semester (charged Fall and Spring semesters
Registration reinstatement fee - $100
Insurance and Medical Services -
are advised to carry their own individual health
and accident insurance. Lake Region State
College participates in a North Dakota University
System insurance plan, which makes a group
major medical policy available to all students at
the student’s expense. Information packets are
available in the Student Affairs office.
Student athletes are required to have their own
health and accident insurance and must show
proof of insurance to practice and participate in
any sport. All international students (excluding
Canadian) are required to carry North Dakota
University System group health and accident
Students may access a variety of medical, dental
and other services in the Lake Region. Major
providers include Altru Clinic Lake Region, Premier
Healthcare, Mercy Hospital, and Lake Region
Human Service Center.
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