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Lake Region State College
PLSC—Plant Science
PLSC 223 Introduction to Weed Sci-
Identification principles of weeds, under-
standing herbicide groups and modes of
action, the use of pesticides and under-
standing of Integrated Pest Management
principles will be the focus of this class. Safe
application of pesticide and earning a com-
mercial pesticide applicators license will also
be obtained. (4 cr)
PLSC 225 Principles of Crop Production
Introduction to basic principles of plant sci-
ence and field crop production with empha-
sis on relationships of crops to their climate
and production considerations as a means of
managing resources and the environment.
(3 cr)
PLSC 235 Field Scouting Techniques
Focus on field scouting practices for the
common pests of corn, small grains and
soybeans. (3 cr)
POLS—Political Science
POLS 115 American Government
Study of American government, political
behavior, and institutions with emphasis on
the U.S. Constitution, the democratic pro-
cess, and the structures and powers of the
executive, legislative, and judicial branches
of government. (3 cr)
POLS 116
State and Local Government
Emphasis on state and local governmental
structures as applied to North Dakota and
many of the present problems confronting
state governments, including the ongoing
issues of federalism, the balancing of pow-
ers between the executive, legislative, and
judicial branches, and the effectiveness of
the political party power structures. (3 cr)
POLS 195 Student Senate
Credit for participation in Student Senate.
The Senate is the coordinating student body
for meeting student needs in the area of
education, culture, social activity, and stu-
dent welfare. Student senators participate in
college decisions, the allocation of student
activity funds, and provide the communica-
tion lines between college administration
and students. (1 cr)
POLS 220 International Politics
Study the struggle for power and order in
the international system with emphasis on
the nation-state and sovereignty, power
politics, diplomacy, the network of economic,
political, cultural, and technological interde-
pendence of peoples, and the motivations
and national interests of countries. Concen-
tration on the specific factors that shape
present American foreign policy, reviewing
the sources of past and present international
friction and cooperation. (3 cr)
POLS 225 Comparative Politics I
Comparative and analytical study of the con-
stitutions, governmental structure, political
dynamics, and social and economic issues
confronting democratic countries. (3 cr)
POLS 236
American Constitution—Civil Liberties
Analysis of U.S. Supreme Court decisions
and interpretations which focus on civil liber-
ties, equal protection, due process, and First
Amendment rights. (3 cr)
POLS 299 Special Topics
Topics such as “The Crisis of the Presidency,”
“the Role of the Media in Government,” and
“The Politician in the American Political Sys-
tem”. Based on student interest. Approval of
instructor. (1‑3 cr)
PSYC 100
Human Relations in Organizations
Study of building effective, successful work
and social relationships. Topics covered
include the impact of personal and organi-
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