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Lake Region State College
working within the interdisciplinary health-
care team while making evidence based
decisions to improve the safety and quality
of client care. (2 cr)
NURS 237 Clinical Applications II
Prioritize safe, effective, and culturally
competent client care in acute and com-
munity settings during this clinical and
simulation lab course. Clients with complex
alterations in health and psychosocial is-
sues are managed with a spirit of inquiry
and collaboration to make evidence based
clinical judgments. Quality improvement
practices related to national safety goals are
examined. Students will be challenged with
a precepted activity during the latter part of
this course. (5 cr)
NURS 259 Role Transition
Examine the process of identifying and
obtaining a position as a registered nurse.
Explore nursing organizations, the legislative
process, and lifelong learning. Investigate
what it takes to prepare for and be success-
ful in passing the NCLEX RN® examination.
Be part of developing an evidence based re-
search question, use technology to prepare
a portfolio, and reflect on what it means to
be accountable and responsible in the role
of the RN. (1 cr)
NURS 299 Special Topics
Instruction in various nursing topics based
on the needs and/or interest of students.
(1‑5 cr)
NUTR 240 Principles of Nutrition
Study of basic nutrition principles and their
application in the selection of foods for the
well and ill. (3 cr)
NUTR 241 Maternal and Child
To present and discuss principals of human
nutrition from conception through adoles-
cence. Emphasis is placed on promoting
health for pregnant and lactating mothers as
well as for infants, children and adolescents.
(2 cr)
NUTR 242 Nutrition in the Aging
To present and discuss principals of human
nutrition throughout the aging process.
Emphasis is placed on the physiological,
sociopsychological and educational aspects
of nutrition as it impacts the health of aging
adults. (2 cr)
NUTR 260 Nutrition Promotion
This course focuses on the types of nutrition
education services that fitness professionals
can incorporate into their programs. This
course provides students with the knowl-
edge on how to incorporate nutrition educa-
tion effectively to assist clients in changing
behaviors. (2 cr)
NUTR 270 Nutrition for the Fitness
Specialist I
The course covers the principles of sound
nutrition as it relates to the average
individual in our society. The student will
explore nutrition for a healthy lifestyle as
well as clinical nutrition for those with health
concerns. Topics include client recommenda-
tions in nutrition, food preparation, supple-
mentation, and weight loss. This course
will help the student recognize nutrition
misinformation as well as the falsehood in
nutrition product advertising and dispute
“miracle diet” claims. Prerequisite: NUTR
240. (3 cr)
NUTR 271 Nutrition for the Fitness
Specialist II
This course introduces the student to energy
production and performance as well as the
ramifications of nutrition on sports activities.
Students learn the principles of nutrition
as they relate specifically to fitness, sports,
and performance. Students also learn how
to distinguish between fact and fallacy in
the confusing world of sport nutrition and
supplements. Prerequisite: NUTR 270. (3 cr)
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