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Lake Region State College
tributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis
testing, and linear regression and correla-
tion. Prerequisite: MATH 103. (3 cr)
MATH 265 Calculus III
Multivariate and vector calculus including
partial derivatives, multiple integration and
its applications, line and surface integrals,
Green’s Theorem and Stoke’s Theorem.
Prerequisite: Math 166. (4 cr)
MATH 266
Introduction to Differential Equations
Solution of elementary differential equations
by elementary techniques, Laplace trans-
forms, systems of equations, matrix meth-
ods, numerical techniques, and applications.
Prerequisite: Math 265. (3 cr)
MATH 277
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
A mathematics content course for prospec-
tive elementary school teachers. Topics
include problem solving, numeration sys-
tems, real numbers, and elementary number
theory. Calculators, computers, and manipu-
latives are used in the course. Prerequisite:
MATH 103. (3 cr)
MATH 299 Special Topics
Lower division topics in mathematics. Ap-
proval of instructor. (1‑3 cr)
MED 100 Introduction to the Health
Sciences Profession
Introduction to the roles, ethics, certifica-
tion, education, employment, and funda-
mental knowledge and skills related to the
health sciences professions. (1 cr)
MED 205
Introduction to Medical Terminology
An introduction to medical terminology used
in the study of human developmental condi-
tions and disease which may occur during
the lifespan. (1 cr)
MUSC 100 Music Appreciation
Introduction to the elements, genre, media,
and historical and stylistic periods of music.
(3 cr)
MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music
Introduction to fundamental elements of
music and functional musicianship for non-
music majors. (3 cr)
MUSC 103
Introduction to Music History
Introduction to the major works of music
in the Western tradition which define the
stylistic elements of musical periods in his-
tory. (3 cr)
MUSC 104 Introduction to Music Lit-
erature to 1825
Understanding and appreciating musical
styles and composers up to circa 1825 with
emphasis on the relationship of music to
concurrent social and artistic trends. (3 cr)
MUSC 105 Introduction to Music Lit-
erature: 1825 to Present
Understanding and appreciating musical
styles and composers from circa 1825 to the
present with some emphasis on the rela-
tionship of music to concurrent social and
artistic trends. (3 cr)
MUSC 115 Concert Band
Dedicated to the rehearsal of a wide variety
of music for one or two performances a
semester. The band may play for athletic
events and parades. (1 cr)
MUSC 122 Music Theory
Understanding of musical elements and the
theory of written music. Music notation,
key relationships, rhythm and harmony are
stressed. (3 cr)
MUSC 124 Music Theory II
Topics covered include advanced chord
structure, inversions, secondary dominants,
chord progressions, voice-leading, suspen-
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