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= fall semester
= spring semester
= online course
HUMS 212 Integrated Cultural
Enrichment (ICE)
Students attend a minimum of 15 hours of
performances, lectures, visits to art exhibits
and/or museums, and read books on related
subjects. Upon completion of the minimum
attendance at cultural events, each student
prepares a capstone essay based on their
responses to these events. (1 cr)
HUMS 251 Humanities Survey I
Integrated course in art, literature, and mu-
sic from Early Civilization through the Middle
Ages. (3 cr)
HUMS 252 Humanities Survey II
Integrated course in art, literature, and
music from the Renaissance through the
Modern Era. (3 cr)
HUMS 299 Special Topics
Approval of instructor. (1-3 cr)
LANG 110 American Sign Language
Fundamentals of American Sign Language
(1-3 cr)
MATH 100 Applied Mathematics
Introduction to measurements, common
and decimal fractions, square root, surface,
volumes, and capacities. Principles of alge-
bra including simple linear equations with
applications in the technical field. (3 cr)
MATH 103 College Algebra
Relations and functions, equations and
inequalities, complex numbers; polynomial,
rational, exponential and logarithmic func-
tions and systems of equations. Requisite:
Student Placement into College Courses. (3
MATH 105 Trigonometry
Angle measure, trigonometric and inverse
trigonometric functions, trigonometric identi-
ties and equations, parametric and polar
coordinates, and general applications. Pre-
requisite: Student Placement into College
Courses. (3 cr)
MATH 107 Precalculus
Equations and inequalities, polynomial,
rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigono-
metric and inverse trigonometric functions;
trigonometric identities and equations and
applications. Prerequisite: Student Place-
ment into College Courses. (4 cr)
MATH 137 Applied Algebra
Properties of real numbers, algebraic expres-
sions, factoring, formula manipulation,
graphing, linear equations, quadratic equa-
tions, solving systems of equations, simul-
taneous equations, exponents and radicals,
and logarithmic equations. (3 cr)
MATH 146 Applied Calculus I
Limits, derivatives, integrals, exponential,
logarithmic, and applications. Prerequisite:
MATH 103. (3 cr)
MATH 165 Calculus I
Limits, continuity, differentiation, Mean Value
Theorem, integration, Fundamental Theo-
rem of Calculus, and applications. Prereq-
uisite: MATH 103 and MATH 105, or MATH
107. (4 cr)
MATH 166 Calculus II
Applications and techniques of integra-
tion, polar equations, parametric equations,
sequences and series, power series and ap-
plications. Prerequisite: MATH 165. (4 cr)
MATH 210 Elementary Statistics
An introduction to statistical methods of
gathering, presenting and analyzing data.
Topics include probability and probability dis-
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