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Lake Region State College
HIST 103 United States to 1877
Survey of the intellectual, economic, political
and social developments of our nation in-
cluding colonial origins, the Revolution, early
growth of the country, issue of sectionalism
leading to the Civil War and the rebuilding of
the South after the War. (3 cr)
HIST 104 United States Since 1877
Survey of the major economic, political,
intellectual, and social developments begin-
ning with the post-Civil War industrialization
and frontier period through the world wars.
Emphasis is also placed on the social impact
of the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, the
Vietnam experience, and the Reagan revolu-
tion. (3 cr)
HIST 207
The U.S. and Current World Affairs
Evaluation of current world issues in the
context of present U.S. Society as well as its
past history. Evaluates the effectiveness of
the American government structure in rela-
tionship to such timely issues as the budget
deficit, the health care cost question and the
privacy issue. Emphasis on the role of the
United States as a global power in relation
to Russia and China, the Middle East and the
trading blocks of the Pacific Rim, the North
American Trade partners, and the European
Community. (3 cr)
HIST 208
United States: 1932 to Present
Study of the American economic, political,
intellectual, and social developments since
1932. Study includes the Depression and
the New Deal, the Cold War, the post-war
consumer society, the Vietnam Conflict, the
Watergate crisis to the Reagan revolution to
discussion on America’s role at home and in
the world. (3 cr)
HIST 210
United States Military History
The historical study of the ever-changing
missions of the US Armed Forces from the
formations of the first militias in December
1636 to the current War on Terror in a com-
prehensive eight-week accelerated course.
(3 cr)
HIST 220 North Dakota History
of North Dakota history emphasizing Indian
groups, exploration, settlement, trading
posts, Indian, and ethnic groups and their
contributions. This study also centers on the
agrarian movement from territorial days,
the Bonanza boom to the present proposed
policy of the “Buffalo Commons.” (3 cr)
HIST 221
History of the American Frontier
Study of the influence and role of “the
frontier experience” in the development of
American society from the colonial period
to 1900 and the “closing” of the American
frontier. Course also studies and evaluates
the influence of the “frontier experience” in
present American society. (3 cr)
HIST 235 The U.S.: The Roaring 20’s
Focus on the social, economic, political, and
intellectual aspects of America during the
1919 - 1932 period. Emphasis on the histori-
cal events of this period and the evaluation
of this period in the context of “The Roaring
Twenties” versus “The Restless Years.” (3
HIST 239
The U.S. and the Vietnam War
Study of the chronological events of the
military conflicts in Vietnam from World War
II to the fall of South Vietnam in 1975, the
decision making of American political lead-
ers, and the societal effects of the peace
movement in the United States. The course
also studies the cultural and historical “Nam
Viet,” and the effect of the “Vietnam Experi-
ence” on American society. (3 cr)
HIST 299 Special Topics
U.S. history and European history offered
on the basis of student interest. Approval of
instructor. (1-3 cr)
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