2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 174

The best advice that can be offered to any community member is to respect the needs of
others and consider the impact your behavior has on others. Take responsibility for yourself
and take the initiative to challenge fellow residents who are not demonstrating mutual
respect. While the resident assistants will enforce policy, mediate disputes, and provide
assistance when needed, the atmosphere of your hall will primary be set by each
resident’s attitude and actions. Finally, please remember with every right comes an equal
or greater responsibility.
01. Do not prop doors open.
02. Err on the side of caution and safety.
03. Keep your room locked.
04. Support and get to know all of the resident assistants.
05. Carry your room keys and student ID with you at all times.
While living with a new roommate can be exciting for some it can be intimidating for
another. Please remember this little advice, your roommate does not know what you
are thinking. Open and honest communication is the key to having a healthy roommate
experience. Good roommates do not need to be best friends but they do and should always
respect each other and sometimes that means saying something which can be hard to say,
but showing your roommate respect will make it that much easier to share your thoughts.
Establishing a healthy roommate relationship can been a huge advantage and success
for having a great college experience, it can limit stress and make the college experience
more enjoyable.
Here are a few questions from the Roommate Agreement Workbook:
1. Are you a light or heavy sleeper?
2. How often do you study?
3. Which items are you willing to share?
4. Which items are off limits?
It is important to take the Roommate Agreement Workbook seriously as you never
know what could possibly bother you in the future and this will help with that discussion if
it is needed.
If you are having issues with your roommate please talk with them. If that is not working
please contact your RA and they will help you work through the situation.
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