2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 173

01. Students need to follow the below guidelines when checking out. Failure to follow
checkout procedures or failing to checkout will result in a fine up to $100.
If all residents follow these guidelines, checking out should go swiftly and smoothly. You
must check out with a staff member. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine.
02. Determine when you will be able to leave.
03. Contact the AD and indicate the date and time you will be checking out of your
room. Student must sign up for checkout with a Housing staff member 24 hours prior to
departure. At the time of checkout, the staff member will conduct a room inspection and
collect keys.
04. Your roommust be returned to its original condition. This means rooms must be
cleaned, floors swept/washed, and all furniture must be returned and assembled.
05. When you have removed all of your belongings, cleaned the room and returned it to its
original condition, contact your AD or RA to check you out. At that time, you must return all
of our keys and vacate the room.
06. Be sure to sign the checkout form and write down your correct address. If you don’t
know what your address will be, write down your parent’s or other permanent address.
College policy on privacy of student rooms stipulates that room entry will be restricted to
the following instances:
01. The Lake Region State College Residence Hall Contract stipulates that room inspections
may be made by staff for reasons of residence maintenance. Whenever possible, a 24
hour notice will be given to the student prior to entry. In addition, pre-announced room
inspections will be held to check for general sanitation and order. Safety inspections will be
made and the closing of fall semester and the closing of spring break after the halls close.
02. When residence or college officials reasonably fear danger to health, safety,
life or property.
03. When residence or college officials have just cause to suspect a violation of
college regulations.
04. During periods of academic recess primarily for maintenance purposes. Whenever
possible, rooms will be entered when the room’s occupants are present, and college
officials will announce their presence before entering. It is common practice for two college
officials to be present during room entry.
05. If the occupants are not present when room entry is needed, the occupants will be
notified of the time and reason for the entry.
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