2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 167

Residents and guests are required to comply and cooperate with any college staff
member´s reasonable request. Failure to comply or cooperate will be viewed as a violation
and result in disciplinary action. Failure for guests to comply or cooperate will lead to their
immediate removal from the residence hall.
Although there is not a great deal of public damage in the residence hall community,
unfortunately, it does occur at times. Damages that can be directly attributed to an
individual are charged directly to that individual. When it is impossible to determine
who caused the damage in any area considered a “public area,” the damage charges are
divided among the residents of that area. This will be referred to as “Common Damage.” A
public area may be a hallway, lounge, lobby, or any other area not contained in a specific
residence hall room. Public area damages will be divided up by the floor residents or by
the entire residence hall community depending upon its location. Room damages will be
equally divided among room residents unless an individual assumes responsibility.
01. Bed End Replacement. $90
02. Bed Replacement (2 bed ends + springs). $300
03. Carpet Replacement. $25 per sq. ft.
04. Ceiling Panel Replacement . $20
05. Chair Replacement . $50
06. Door Lock Replacement key or fob . $100
07. Door Replacement. $200
08. Door Stop Replacement. $6 per strip
09. Floor Tile Replacement. $25 per sq. ft.
10. Light Cover Replacement. $15
11. Light Switch Replacement. $10
12. Mattress Pad Replacement . $15
13. Mattress Replacement . $100
14. Mirror Replacement. $15
15. Outlet Cover Replacement. $11
16. Outlet Receptacle Replacement. $10
17. Radiator Break Due to Open Window . $500
18. Repainting of Room. $250
19. Telephone Receptacle Replacement. $15
20. Thermostat Replacement. $75
21. Towel Holder Replacement. $30
22. Venetian Blind Replacement. $50
23. Window Replacement. $250
24. Window Screen Removal/Damage. $25
a. Other damage charges will be assessed at the rate of $15 per hour for labor plus cost
of materials. The Physical Plant Director will assess all damages.
b. Cleaning Charges (at checkout)
i. Rooms/apartment floors must be swept and wet-mopped
ii. All personal items must be removed
iii. All garbage must be emptied
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