2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 164

As required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, this policy addresses missing
student notification for students residing in on-campus student housing and includes
procedures that LRSC will follow in the event a student is reported missing.
A missing student is defined as a person currently enrolled at LRSC, residing in on-campus
student housing, whose whereabouts have been unaccounted for by LRSC or local law
enforcement for more than 24 hours. If a student is determined to be missing, LRSC will
initiate notification procedures within 24 hours.
Designation of Confidential Contact Information
01. Students residing in on-campus student housing have the option to designate a
confidential contact person who will be notified in the event the student is determined by
LRSC or local law enforcement to be missing.
02. A student may designate a confidential contact person at any time by filing a
Confidential Contact Form with the Director of Housing or Assistant Director of Housing.
The student is responsible for the accuracy of the contact information and for updating the
information as necessary.
03. A student’s confidential contact information will be accessible only by authorized
campus officials and law enforcement in the course of the investigation.
04. The confidential contact may be someone other than the emergency contact listed in
Campus Connection. Emergency contact information listed in Campus Connection will be
kept separately from the missing student contact information.
05. If the missing student is under the age of 18 and is not an emancipated individual,
LRSC is required to notify the student’s parent or guardian, in addition to any confidential
contact designated, immediately after determining that the student has been missing for
24 hours.
06. When a student is missing and the student failed to designate a confidential contact,
LRSC may contact any person who they believe may have information about the
student’s whereabouts.
Notification of Missing Persons
01. Any individual who has information that a student who resides in on-campus housing is
missing shall immediately notify the Assistant Director of Housing or the Resident Assistant
on duty.
02. The housing official will confirm that the student is currently enrolled and living in on-
campus student housing.
03. If confirmed, the housing official shall immediately notify the Director of Housing and
Director of Student Services.
04. The Director of Housing will conduct an investigation to verify the situation and
determine the circumstances that exist.
05. If it is determined that the student is missing, the Director of Student Services shall,
within 24 hours, report the missing student to:
a. Local law enforcement,
b. The student’s designated confidential contact,
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