2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 161

01. Lake Region State College offers campus living to students in three residence halls.
02. Each returning resident must sign a “Contract for Residence Halls” for a room for
a school year. New students must apply for housing by completing the Application for
Housing form and sign a “Contract for Residence Halls”.
03. Services
a. All resident hall rooms are provided with digital cable service.
b. All rooms in college residence halls are furnished with single beds, limited
wardrobe and drawer space and desks and chairs. Students are responsible for
their own bed linens, pillows, spreads and blankets. Refer to the Housing
Contract for allowable student furnishings.
Students attending Lake Region State College and living in the residence halls
have access to free, high speed internet access. Resident hall students interested
in renting an internet-ready computer from the college are required to complete a
rental agreement form with Information Technology.
d. Laundry rooms are equipped with R-card operated washers and dryers.
Each room is provided with a student mailbox. Mail service will be provided
Monday through Friday.
Contact either the RA (Resident Assistant) or AD (Assistant Director) and fill out
the proper form for needed repairs for maintenance.
During the academic year, a limited number of outdoor outlets are available for
rent to students. Students must provide their own extension cord and only one
vehicle should be plugged into each outlet. There is a charge for these outlets for
the winter with reservations made at the Business Office.
h. Refrigerators are allowed in student rooms. Students need to bring their own.
Size limit is four cubic feet unless other arrangements have been made.
All Resident Halls are alcohol and tobacco free.
No soliciting is allowed in the residence halls. This includes representatives of
businesses as well as door-to-door salespersons.
k. In the event of a tornado and/or severe weather, the warning signal is a steady
tone or ringing of bells lasting 3 to 4 minutes. Students living in Gilliland and
South Hall should go to the basement next to Central Receiving, and students in
North Hall should go to the basement areas next to the kitchen.
04. Guidelines to Residence Life
a. Administrative Structure
The residence halls are part of the Administrative Affairs Division. The
Director of Housing has direct authority and responsibility of administering the
residence hall The Director of Housing supervises the Assistant Director of
Housing, who in turn supervises the Resident Assistants (RA’s), all of whom are
charged with creating and maintaining a residence hall living environment
conducive to learning and personal growth. This charge carries with it the
responsibility of enforcing the rules and regulations of the residence halls and
the authority to take the action necessary when rule infractions occur.
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