2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 160

01. To be of service to students. This can take many different forms, from providing a
friendly ear to organizing programs which interest or benefit residents.
02. To perform administrative tasks, such as checking students in and out of rooms, locking
outside doors, distributing mail, and security rounds.
03. To enforce the guidelines outlined in the Residence Hall Contract and in this handbook.
All residence hall staff members are committed to serving students and sincerely want to
help if they can. Everyone knows they enforce the rules, but there are other things staff
members hope to do. The staff members:
01. want to know how you are doing. If you need to talk to someone, they encourage you
to come and see them They do not have all the answers, but they care, are willing to listen,
and will help if they can.
02. want to provide activities and programs which are fun, interesting, and/or informative
for you. Not only do they encourage you to get involved and participate, but they want to
hear your ideas and suggestions.
03. want to help you be a successful student in any way they can. If you have questions, feel
free to ask them. They don’t know everything, but they will usually be able to tell you who
can answer your questions.
01. The right to study, read, relax, and sleep without unreasonable interference, noise, or
distractions, and the responsibility to ensure that others have this right;
02. The right to feel safe in the residence halls as well as the responsibility to help ensure
the safety of others in the building;
03. The right to have respect shown for one’s privacy, and the responsibility to respect the
privacy of others;
04. The right to have respect shown for one’s personal property, and the responsibility to
respect other’s personal property as well as community property;
05. The right to have guests within the hall, and the responsibility for the behavior of
those guests;
06. The right to live in an area free of intimidation and physical or emotional harm, and the
responsibility to ensure this right for others;
07. The right to a clean living environment, and the responsibility to help keep the
environment clean;
08. The right to maintain one’s personal beliefs and values, and the responsibility to respect
other’s beliefs and values.
09. Please remember that the rights of an individual end when the exercising of those rights
interferes with the community as a whole.
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