2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 145

Sandi Lillehaugen, Title IX Coordinator - Office 121A; 701-662-1543
Nicole Lundquist, Title IX Assistant Coordinator – Office 134; 701-662-1697
If criminal activity is involved, students and employees may contact:
Devils Lake Police Department - Lake Region Law Enforcement Center
222 West Walnut Street, Devils Lake, ND 58301, 701-662-0700
If an individual chooses to file a report with the police for sexual misconduct, it is important
not to destroy physical evidence. An evidence collection kit, preventative treatment for
sexually transmitted diseases, treatment of injuries and other health services can be
obtained from any of the medical providers listed in Section 5c.
08. CONFIDENTIALITY: Individuals may request confidentially. The Title IX Coordinator will
evaluate the request and determine the extent to which confidentiality may be maintained.
LRSC must weigh the requests for confidentiality against its desire to protect the safety and
security of the entire campus. Therefore, with the exception of the individuals identified as
advocates in Section 5, LRSC employees cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality.
09. RESOLUTION: Misconduct complaints may be resolved formally or informally. LRSC will
attempt to complete the investigation within 60 days. During this process, the complainant
and the accused shall:
Receive written notice:
1. Identifying the allegation(s) against the student.
2. Providing three days’ notice to any requests for information or response
from the accused. The notice requirement can be waived if the accused
consents to a shorter notice period. The notice process may also be
waived during an emergency suspension process.
3. Of information about the right to have a support person, advocate or
attorney, at the student’s expensive and initiation, to fully participate in
the process.
b. Have equal opportunity to present evidence and respond to allegations.
c. Be provided with timely access to information.
d. Be informed of the outcome, the sanction (if any) and the right to appeal.
10. INFORMAL RESOLUTION: Except in cases of sexual misconduct or any misconduct that
may result in a student’s suspension or expulsion, complainants may choose to pursue
an informal resolution. Informal resolution is entirely voluntary and must be agreed upon
by the complainant and accused. The Title IX Coordinator will assign an investigator
to oversee this process. In cases where the accused agrees to informal resolution, the
investigator shall gather the necessary information and recommend an appropriate
sanction (if any) to the Director of Student Services. The Director of Student Services shall
decide the appropriate sanction to be imposed. No appeal is allowed.
a. Investigation Process
1. The Title IX Coordinator shall be responsible to assign each formal
complaint to a two-person investigation team.
2. The investigation team shall recommend interimmeasures to the
appropriate campus supervisor, and in the case of students, the Director
of Student Services.
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