2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 140

telephone, texting, email, computer, or online social media harassment.
vi.Violates the LRSC Alcohol and Other Drugs policy (1500.15) regarding the
possession or consumption of alcohol and/or marijuana
vii.Misuses a student identification card
viii. Falsifies any document including transcripts, receipts, identification, etc.
or withholds or falsifies information on an application form or to any
college official
ix.Possesses and/or uses unauthorized keys or otherwise trespasses on College
property, including vehicles, rooms or apartments
x. Tampers with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, automatic external defibrillators
(AED), security cameras or other safety related devices
xi.Violates the LRSC Computer Use Policy/agreement (900.09.01)
xii.Conspires, facilitates or otherwise assists another who engages in any action
that constitutes minor misconduct
b. Major Misconduct: Major misconduct is any behavior or violation that may result
in suspension, or expulsion from Lake Region State College. Disciplinary action
may be taken against a student who:
i. Commits two (2) or more minor misconduct violations
ii. Violates the Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Compliance Policy (1500.15)
iii.Violates the Sexual Harassment Policy (1500.08)
iv.Assaults or engages in intimidating behavior: Uses physical force, inflicts
bodily injury or threatens another
v. Intentionally or recklessly terrorizes or places another in fear of injury or
death or causes the evacuation of a campus building or otherwise causes
serious disruption or public inconvenience. Threatening to commit any crime
of violence or act dangerous to human life or falsely informing another that
such a dangerous situation or crime of violence is imminent knowing that to
be false. This could include initiating a bomb threat or activating a fire alarm
when no such emergency exist.
vi.Is in possession of or uses a dangerous weapon or is in possession of a
concealed weapon unless possession or use is expressly authorized by law.
Dangerous weapons may include knives, guns, explosives, or any other
item that can be used to inflict fear or injury to include BB guns, pellet guns,
airsoft guns or any toy replica.
vii. Intentionally or recklessly causes significant damage to the property
of another
viii. Violates the LRSC Alcohol and Other Drugs policy (1500.15) regarding the
unlawful delivery of alcohol or marijuana, or the possession, use, or delivery
of other drugs.
ix.Commits any crime that would constitute a felony under the ND Century
Code (i.e. robbery, burglary, criminal trespass, arson, or the possession of
stolen property).
x. Engages in any conduct considered hazing which creates a risk of injury
to another, or involves forced physical activity which subjects any person
to mental stress by the deprivation of sleep, isolation, whipping, beating,
paddling, branding, forced calisthenics, or the overexposure to weather. Any
initiation or hazing that includes a required consumption
of food, liquor, beverages, drugs or other substances or includes
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