2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 138

a. A first reported violation of the Tobacco Policy will result in a personal
consultation with the student by the Director of Student Services, informing the
student of the LRSC Tobacco Policy. Educational and Quit Smoking information
will be shared with the student at that time.
b. If the same student is reported a second time, the Director of Student Services
will issue a formal, written reprimand should the information indicate a disregard
for the Tobacco policy. The personal consultation will also include a referral to
the Ramsey County Tobacco Prevention Specialist for possible tobacco cessation
counseling and further education.
c. A third report of violation of the LRSC Tobacco Policy will result in a written
reprimand and a fine, not to exceed $75.
d. Any additional reported violations will result in a formal disciplinary process
under the provisions of the LRSC Code of Student Conduct and may include
sanctions ranging from additional fines, conduct probation, and suspension.
The tobacco-free policy may not apply to specific activities used in connection with the
practice of cultural activities by American Indians that are in accordance with the American
Indian Religious Freedom Act, 42 U.S.C. 1996 and 1996a. All ceremonial use exceptions
must be approved in advance by the President of Lake Region State College or designee.
Students are expected to obey local, state and federal laws, to show respect for properly
constituted authority, to meet contractual obligations, to maintain academic integrity
in scholastic work and to observe standards of conduct appropriate for an institution
of higher learning. Students are expected to be responsible for their actions, whether
acting individually or in groups. Failure to meet acceptable standards of conduct may
result in disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion. The College will ensure due process
and define routes of appeal. These policies apply to the conduct of all students, student
organizations, teams and clubs. They also apply when off campus in connection with
internships, academic activities and any activity sponsored or authorized by Lake Region
State College. Lake Region State College will also hold students accountable for behavior
that occurs off campus when an offense threatens the safety or security of any individual
or institution.
01. Scholastic Dishonesty: Academic Integrity is intellectual honesty, responsibility, and
ethical behavior in scholastic conduct from use of information to actions in a classroom.
It is the guide for the “pursuit of knowledge and understanding within a community of
inquiry” (American University).
The following are examples of academic dishonesty:
a. Cheating is receiving or sending, or attempting to receive or send information,
answers, data, etc. not otherwise permitted by the instructor.
i. Receiving, sharing, or transmitting information before or during an exam to
someone who will be or is taking the exam.
ii. Looking at another student’s test during an exam or allowing another
students to look at your exam
iii. Copying from another student’s test or homework assignment with or
without the other student’s permission
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