2017-18_Student_Handbook - page 131

Lake Region State College is a wonderful resource for its students, community and state. I
am proud to have the opportunity to serve as LRSC’s president.
Our mission at Lake Region State College is to enhance lives and community vitality
through quality education. As president, it is important to me that the college focuses
on providing support and encouragement for students to remain enrolled and complete
their educational goals; for the college to pursue education excellence and to address the
educational and cultural needs of our community and state.
Lake Region State College is committed to being a progressive, diverse institution that
prepares students for successful living and citizenship in a rapidly-changing local, national
and world community.
Dedicated faculty and staff live the college’s mission daily to change lives for the better
and provide keys to opportunities for bright futures. Students have the opportunity
to enhance communication and leadership skills by engaging in numerous activities,
organizations and clubs.
Whether you are at Lake Region State College to earn a certificate, diploma or associate
degree—to study on-campus or via distance delivery—you have taken the first step toward
a lifetime of success.
I hope you have a wonderful college experience and I look forward to meeting you.
Dr. Doug Darling
Lake Region State College
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