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Information regarding tobacco prevention is available through the North Dakota Department

of Health and the Lake Region Tobacco Free Coalition websites:

Responsibility/Enforcement: Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees,

students, visitors, and where applicable, contractors are made aware of this policy and

that they comply with its requirements. Non-compliance with this policy may result in

disciplinary action being taken through normal disciplinary procedures.

For Students, formal disciplinary procedures will go through the Student Services Office.

Such actions may include verbal reprimands, written reprimands and official citations.

Students who violate the college Tobacco Free policy will be subject to the following

processes and sanctions:

01. A college official, faculty member or student who observes a student who is in violation

of the Tobacco Free policy (seen smoking or chewing/disposing of tobacco on campus

property) should report that violation to the Director of Student Services. The following

sequence of sanctions and actions will generally be taken as a result of such a report:

a. A first reported violation of the Tobacco Policy will result in a personal consultation

with the student by the Director of Student Services, informing the student of the

LRSC Tobacco Policy. Educational and Quit Smoking information will be shared

with the student at that time.

b. If the same student is reported a second time, the Director of Student Services will

issue a formal, written reprimand should the information indicate a disregard for

the Tobacco policy. The personal consultation will also include a referral to the

Ramsey County Tobacco Prevention Specialist for possible tobacco cessation

counseling and further education.

c. A third report of violation of the LRSC Tobacco Policy will result in a written

reprimand and a fine, not to exceed $75.

d. Any additional reported violations will result in a formal disciplinary process under

the provisions of the LRSC Code of Student Conduct and may include sanctions

ranging from additional fines, conduct probation, and suspension.

The tobacco-free policy may not apply to specific activities used in connection with the

practice of cultural activities by American Indians that are in accordance with the American

Indian Religious Freedom Act, 42 U.S.C. 1996 and 1996a, All ceremonial use exceptions must

be approved in advance by the President of Lake Region State College or designee.



Students are expected to obey local, state and federal laws, to show respect for properly

constituted authority, to meet contractual obligations, to maintain academic integrity

in scholastic work and to observe standards of conduct appropriate for an institution of

higher learning. Students are expected to be responsible for their actions, whether acting

individually or in groups. Failure to meet acceptable standards of conduct may result in

disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion. The College will ensure due process and define

routes of appeal. These policies apply to the conduct of all students, student organizations,