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We acknowledge that our society carries historical and divisive biases based on race, religion, age, color,

sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetics, national origin, marital status, political

belief or affiliation, and economic or perceived social status. Therefore, we will make a concerted

effort to change attitudes towards and make accommodations for people who come to us from various

cultures, different ages, and differing abilities. We strive to eliminate misinterpretation of verbal and

non-verbal communication patterns, different standards of time, cultural and familial relationships,

varying work norms, and concepts of team and leadership style. We also seek to promote awareness

through education and constructive strategies for resolving conflict.

Diversity enriches the ability of Lake Region State College to accomplish its academic mission by

broadening and deepening the educational experience through interactions of students and faculty

from multiple backgrounds and perspectives. Diversification offers social participation and mutual

understanding to all students, regardless of their heritage, orientation, or situation. It provides equality

of access and opportunity so that every segment of our community can contribute to and benefit from

our institution.

We are committed to the enforcement of policies that promote the fulfillment of these principles,

including those prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.

We will strive to eliminate verbal or written abuses, intimidations, or hostile remarks against

any member of our community that constitute harassment under Lake Region State College’s

Harassment Policy.


(All are available from Student Services and online)

• Lake Region State College Catalog

• Lake Region State College Housing Contract

• Lake Region State College Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

• Lake Region State College Policies and Procedures Manual

• Lake Region State College Student Senate Constitution

• State Board of HIgher Education Policy Manual

• North Dakota University System Procedures Manual


Lake Region State College, recognizing the growing need for timely, efficient and consistent

communicationwith students, has established email as an official means of communications

with students. Students are expected to check their official LRSC Email on a frequent and

consistent basis.

The official LRSC email address can be activated at

More information regarding student email can be found on the college website. When

students forward email from that account to another account, vital information may not

be conveyed. Unopened email or having email redirected does not relieve a student

of the responsibilities associated with communication sent to their official LRSC

email address.


The North Dakota University System (NDUS), including Lake Region State College, uses

Campus Connection as its online student registration system. Campus Connection is a web

based system that allows students to access and manage their information 24 hours a day,

7 days a week. Students add/drop classes, view transcripts, verify enrollment, view financial

aid and account summary and conduct many other important transactions. Students can