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shall escort the guest to the restroom, ensure the restroom is clear of residents, and

remain outside the restroom to alert others. All residents shall respect the need

for guests to use the restroom and shall afford them the opportunity for privacy.



When the fire alarm sounds you MUST exit your room, shut your door, and leave the building

at the nearest safest exit. Once you have left the building please gather at the following


North Residents – Make your way to the North Hall Parking Lot. Once everyone has gathered

the staff may choose to relocate you to a more suitable location (Example: Dining Center).

Gilliland and South Residents – Make your way to the Gilliland/South Parking Lot. Once

everyone has gathered the staff may choose to relocate you to a more suitable location

(Example: Gym).

Once the Devils Lake Fire Department has determined it is safe, residents will be allowed

back into the building.


The warning signal is steady tone or ringing of bells lasting 3 to 5 minutes. Students living

in Gilliland and South should go to the basement next to Central Receiving, and students in

North Hall should go to the basement areas next to the kitchen. Once the all clear has been

given, you may be allowed to return your your room.



When students check into the residence hall, check with the residence hall office to verify

room assignments. You will be asked to sign a Room Inventory and Condition Form. The

purpose of this form is to document any damages or irregularities which exist in your

room so that when you check out you will not be charged for damages which are not your

responsibility. After checking in, you should inform your Resident Assistant (RA) of any

additional furnishings which you are moving into your room. Please note the following


01. Most furniture will be approved. Furniture in poor, dirty or broken-down condition,

and oversized furniture not designed for small, one-room accommodations is not allowed.

Furniture must be positioned to allow easy and full access to the room. No articles (blankets,

etc.) may be placed, as to block physical or visual access to the room. There must be a clear

path from the door to the window.

02. Any weight equipment is subject to approval of the Resident Director.

03. Electrical appliances, equipment and open fires are not permitted with the exception of:

desk lamps, radios, fans, heating pads, stereo equipment, clock, small TV, shavers, curling

irons, toothbrushes, typewriters, microwaves, computers, sewing machines, hair dryers and

refrigerators. Popcorn poppers with an enclosed heating element are also permissible.

04. All standard furnishings must remain with the room and may not be removed or

exchanged between rooms. All items listed on the room inventory must be in place when the