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get to know each other and something about each other´s interests and habits as quickly

as possible. In addition, many would wish to live with someone just like themselves, so they

might automatically share everything in common. Instead, we find all kinds of individual

differences that present challenges and opportunities. Our challenge is to focus on building

what we share in common, instead of seeing differences as a barrier we cannot or do not

want to cross. Your resident assistant or multicultural advisor will be happy to assist you in

beginning your discussions utilizing the roommate agreement workbook.


No soliciting is allowed in the residence halls. This includes representatives of business as

well as door to door sales. Please notify your RA or AD if you see an unauthorized solicitor.


Storage is extremely limited in each residence hall room so you may consider adding storage

with small bookcases, baskets, a trunk or cartons that stack. Plan to take seasonal clothing

home at break periods.


Each student room has telephone service (phone and voicemail are provided). On-campus

numbers may be reached by dialing “2” plus the last four digits of the number. Local off-

campus calls may be reached by dialing “9” and then the seven digit number. The long

distance operator can be reached by dialing “9-0.”

Students cannot accept collect calls on their residence hall phone. To use long distance

services the student must call collect or use a calling card.

All resident hall rooms are provided with basic digital cable service. Each room is provided

with a digital cable reader (box) and the residents are responsible for the condition of the

digital cable reader. Each room is provided with the cable box, power cord for cable box,

coax cable and a HDMI cable. If a longer cable is needed it is the residents responsibility to

provide desired length of HDMI cable. If residents would like to upgrade their cable package

theymay do so by contacting Midcontinent Cable at 1-800-888-1300. Theft of television cable

service (pirating) is illegal under North Dakota Century Code. Violators may be prosecuted.


Tobacco use of any kind is not permitted in any residence hall building or on campus. This

includes traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, hookahs, water

pipes, snus, snuff, or any other forms of tobacco.


Guests – All guests are subject to all LRSC policies including the policies of the residence

halls. Residents are responsible for their guests’ behaviors and actions.

Overnight Guests – Adult residents may have adult guests stay overnight for up to three

consecutive nights as long as it is acceptable with all of the roommates and suitemates. At

the beginning of the semester, residents will fill out the Overnight Visitors Agreement form

for their room/suite. When there is not unanimous agreement, the most conservative view

will prevail. No overnight guests will be allowed prior to the start of each semester, during

the first week of school, the last two weeks of the semester and during breaks (winter and

spring break).

Use of Restrooms – When a guest of a resident is not of the same gender, the resident