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be moved to another room, either temporarily or permanently, or be removed entirely from

college housing, and possibly from the college.


If you are ill, and will be missing class you should contact your instructor who will work with

you in getting information and assignments from the instructor.

When you are ill you may request a sick tray form from the RA and a friend may use your ID

to bring a meal back to the room for the sick resident.


The college does not carry insurance covering personal belongings. Students should check

their parents´ insurance company about possible coverage. You may want to consider

purchasing a separate policy. The college does not assume responsibility for theft or casualty

losses of students´ personal property.


For the purpose of this policy, the word “juvenile” means anyone under 18 years of age.

Resident hall staff have the authority to request identification of anyone entering the

residence halls. No juvenile will be allowed in the residence halls as a guest or visitor unless

they are a current student and at least 17 years of age. Juveniles may live in the resident hall

under special circumstances approved by the Director of Housing or if they are a child of a

student living in the campus apartments. Unauthorized juveniles found in the residence

halls will be asked to leave the premises immediately. If the juvenile does not cooperate with

the staff, law enforcement will be called to remove the juvenile and contact his/her parents.


A key is issued to each resident at check-in. Keys provide access to the resident´s room and

mailbox for each resident. A residents’ signature at check-in acknowledges receipt of the key

and an assumption of responsibility. Keys must not be loaned or duplicated. If a key is lost,

the resident must pay for a lock replacement and new keys. Lost keys should be reported at

once to the assistant director of residence life.

It is your responsibility to carry your key at all times. If you do not have it, a staffmember (RA)

will assist you and will unlock your room.


Each residence hall has a laundry room equipped with a R-CARD reader. Money can be

placed on the card either at the business office or you can create an account to do it online

at the following link:


The machines at LRSC are designed to use (HE) High Efficiency laundry detergent. Powders

and pods are not allowed.


The college has a limited number of lofts. If you would like to request a loft you must fill out

the residence hall loft rental agreement which can be obtained from the Assistant Director of

Residence Life. Loft rentals are $30.00 a year.