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01. The Board Plan is contained on the R-Card (student ID card) and incorporates two

separate, but related, components:

a. The Regular Board Contract contained on the R-Card is in the name of the contract

owner only and may not be used to obtain meals to share with others. The R-Card

must be presented by its owner to receive a meal. Unauthorized meals will be billed

to the contract owner.

b. The R-Bucks component of the Board Plan is a debit card to be used at the owner’s

discretion for purchases in LRSC Dining Services (including meals for guests),

Bookstore and Laundry facilities up to the cash balance available in the owner’s

R-Bucks account. The R-Card must be presented by its owner whenever purchases

are made.

02. Guest Meal Passes may be used to purchase meals for guests or used by the contract

owner for meals not covered in the meal plan. Guest meal passes for Platinum and

Diamond plans are replenished each semester.

03. All meals are to be consumed in the cafeteria or student union dining services area unless

special arrangements have beenmade with the Director of Dining Services. All dishware

must remain in the Dining Services area. Discarding permanent dishes or utensils in the

garbage or the unauthorized removal of those items from the dining services area will

be subject to a $50.00 fine. Please return all permanent dishware to the dishwashing


04. Takeout orders or box lunches are available if class or work schedules conflict with

serving times. Please contact the Dining Service Director. Meals ordered but not picked

up at the arranged time will be charged to your account. Forms used to order a “Sick

Tray” are available from Dining Service personnel or your assigned Resident Assistant.

05. One Board meal consists of one entrée, one drink, one salad, one soup and one dessert,

with the exception of weekends and Holiday Brunch.

06. One additional serving of the same menu item at no cost. Additional servings after 45

minutes may be purchased with R-Bucks, Credit Card or cash.

07. Appropriate dress (shirts, pants, shoes) is required.

08. Lost R-Cards are subject to a $5.00 replacement fee, payable in the Business Office. The

IT Help Center will issue the new ID/R-Card.


Dining hours will be posted outside dining services.