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cause, subject to approval by the Student Senate Advisor. Any such action may be appealed

by the organization to the Associate Vice President for Student Services, whose decision will

be final and binding.



All Lake Region State College Students are eligible to participate in the Intramural Recreation

Program with the following exceptions:

a. Students are not eligible to participate on more than one intramural team in the

same activity. Furthermore, a student is not permitted to transfer from one team to

another after participating in at least one game.

b. A student who has been suspended for violation of the Un-sportsmanlike Conduct

Policy is not eligible to take part in any phase of the Intramural Recreation Program.

Reinstatement may be obtained by petitioning the office of the Vice President of

Academic and Student Services.

c. All students must sign up for the activities of their choice by the designated date.

d.Members of a teammust play in at least 50% of the league games to be eligible for the

final tournament.


Intramural teams/individual participants not ready to play in an event within 15minutes after

game time shall automatically forfeit the contest. Teams must have the minimum number of

players by game time; however, if they lose a player, they are permitted to continue playing

short one player.


Teams playing an ineligible player shall be penalized with a loss for each game in which

the ineligible player participates. Participation in any activity shall be determined by score

sheets and/or observation by Intramural personnel.


Recreational activities provide an excellent opportunity for students to further physical

development and social interaction. Such activities provide an avenue for students to expand

their focus beyond academics. Participation in intramural activities enhances students’ total

educational experience.


Intramural Recreation Program schedules for each semester shall be available to all students

at the beginning of each semester. These schedules will also be posted on the Intramural

Bulletin Board. It is each team’s responsibility to check this board regularly to determine

dates of current and upcoming events.


a. Any manager or player using abusive behavior during any intramural recreational

activity shall be suspended for at least two intramural games, at which time he/she

must petition the Director of Student Services.

b. Additional disciplinary action may be initiated by the Intramural Director for any un-

sportsmanlike conduct.